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Posted: 14th December 2009



Christmas is nigh!

Just 11 days to go. How do you feel in the run-up to Christmas? Are you stressed, is it hectic? Then this is your chance to have a break. Get a cup of tea or coffee or whatever else you like to drink, and read the wonderful articles our contributors have written for you.

I used to feel stressed before, and even more at Christmas. Not because 'I' thought I had to do so many things, but because my husband made a lot of stress. Which was a shame, as I tried everything not to be stressed. When my sons were little, we started the day by opening a door in the Advent calendars I had made for them, and then I read them a Christmas story while they had their breakfast, at the warm light of the candles on our Advent wreath. I think Germany is the land of Advent calendars, and for a few years, I bought special books with either 24 stories, or chapters to read to my sons. It was a wonderful start into the dark and cold December days.

Now they are adults, and my eldest son doesn't live here any more, while my youngest son spends hours in the bathroom to style his hair – apart from the fact that they can read themselves now.

Still, I'm determined not to have any stress, if possible. We don't have a Christmas tree, because there's nobody to buy it, or decorate it. Christmas seems to be very much a feast for small children.

However, I went to the Christmas market in Frankfurt this Saturday, with the family (husband, youngest son, husband's brother and mother). The only other time I've been there, was when the boys were still small, and I had sworn I'd never go there again. On Saturday, I was reminded why: the movement of thousands of people passing from all directions made me dizzy. A friend had asked me to look for some Christmas tree decorations, but it took me a while to discover a stall which actually sold something other than mulled wine, Bratwurst or other food! I wonder what the attraction is.

I was happy to return home after a couple of hours, to the peace of my living room. I very much prefer to prepare the next Post issue. Please, remember our Christmas Competition which you'll find below (yes, I know, but I thought it would be good to remind you).

And now, take a break and enjoy this issue of the Post.






























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