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The V Factor by Beatrice

Simon Callous screebs his hair

Licks his lips so sleeky

"What a grumptious dirge you grunged

I feel the pain completely."

Shrill Ko-al is the next to screech

"Yaow made that choon your groan!

The Vogons of South Shriek will be

In tears to hear your moan!

The camera pans to Lurgy Wealth

Who croaks "Oi think moi twins

Provoided more excitement than

Poking yer eyes with pins"

Our final judge is Dingy Mange

Who yells "Well from Down Unda

I hev to give you merx for your

Conspicuous gazunder

So who will be the public's choice

Who'll win the Vogon Prize

Who'll be this year's V-factor champ

And fuel the CD buys?

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