The h2g2 Poem: PTSD

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For years I kept my thoughts at bay

Thinking there was no other way.

I used to shy away and brood

But never really understood

Why a vision, taste or smell

Could send you back, to a living hell;

Waking up sweating and all confused

Feeling guilty, ashamed, and used.

Living nightmares that torture your mind

Evoking memories of many kinds.

Feeling anxious, running scared

Hours of therapy, with nothing shared.

From back in time the memories flood,

Surrounded by death, and the smell of blood.

No one to talk to, as none of them care.

Left to struggle with your own despair.

All you wanted was a helping hand

From someone who could really understand;

Someone who’s been there and can explain

Why PTSD is such a pain.

Poetry by Smudger


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