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Posted: 15th September 2005


smiley - wow

My first editorial ever. I
feel so honoured. Only on h2g2 can a 15-year-old write the editorial
for an established publication!

So, anyway, autumn has begun. I'm back to school
again with everything that involves. Rather upsetting that I can't
spend as much time on h2g2 now, what with homework and way more
advanced classes than I'm used to, but I suppose that can't be helped.
I listened (for the first time) to the Last Night of the Proms on the
radio, and was awed by it. You British are so lucky that you have the
Proms. To the best of my knowledge, there's nothing quite like it in
the States, and I'm madly jealous. I understand that something having
to do with cricket is also going on, but I've never understood sports
at the best of times, so I'll just let you carry on with that.

All this good news, though, is overshadowed somewhat by some sad
tidings. The h2g2
Researcher several, a/k/a random died on 4
September, 2005 after suffering from a brief illness. He wrote an
American sports column for The Post, entitled 'Did I Leave the Iron
On?' If you would like to leave your messages of condolence, quizzical has created a
where you can do so. Allow me to say, on behalf of The
Post, that several will be sorely missed.

Anyway, if you want to write for The Post, please
don't hesitate! Just
send your submissions to the Post Team email
. Submissions for the next issue must be in by noon on
25 September. We're also looking for a sports correspondent and we can
always use help putting The Post together, so if you'd like to take on
the job please write to the email address above.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the regulars,
features, fiction and cartoons. Enjoy!

echomikeromeosmiley - dragon

PS Reefgirl here. As Traveller in Time keeps telling me there is the h2g2 Virtual Prez Elections coming up I've posted the link to the Nominations page. Have a look and hopefully we'll get someone out there to do a round up of the candidates and manifesto's in time for the next edition of the Post. Any Volunteers who would like to be the next Woodward and Bernstein apply to the Post office or the Post Team's email address above.
















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