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This is the place to come to if you think you are perfect at something.


I WILL check you out and if you are less than perfect then I will keep on at you until you are as perfect as I am!

Please start your OWN thread below.

Thank you.

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Perfect Researchers

Sidney Kidney is a perfect specimen of manhoodsmiley - cool
St.Shea perfect at giving out and teaching how to give <knishes>smiley - smooch
Pegasus is perfect at smiley - kissing
Dr.St.Justin is perfect at Origami
St.Bob is perfect at being himself
Orcus is a perfect ACE
Ottox is perfect at being Galaxy Babe's friend and providing links
Kristina is perfect at Flamenco Dancing
Herald Broelan is perfect at impersonating elephants
St.Clelba is a perfectsmiley - chocsmiley - catsmiley - angel
St.Jeremy is perfect at playing the St. James Infirmary Blues
Hugo the Fish is perfect at swimming and drinking smiley - bubbly at the same time!
Greebo T.Cat is a puuuurfect smiley - donuteatingsmiley - cat
Dancer is perfect at describing a Catch-22 situation
The Duke of Dunstable is perfect at playing really bad golf and being really annoyed about it.
Mistdancer is perfect at makingsmiley - tea
Harlequin is perfect at imponderable logic
Pheloxi* is a perfect gentlemansmiley - loveblush
Niwt is perfect at being annoyingsmiley - nahnah
Go-Go Girl is perfect at doing absolutely nothing
morganna is absolutly perfect at being herself
Snowman is perfect at being madsmiley - grr
AquaMarina the Mermaid is perfect at being a siren
Kirikugi is perfect at never being perfect
Casey-Sweetheart is perfect at not working while being at work
Master B is perfect at not previewing psots before I press the post mesage buton
Mystrunner is perfect at assassination knowhow and being evilsmiley - devil
Jordan is perfect at philosophical confusion and increasing entropy with the use of computers (CAE), and making imperious demands
Rat is perfect of being im-perfect and getting things worng

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