A Conversation for The Meanings of Usernames

St Shea the Ever-Patient

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tacsatduck- beware the <sheep> lie

where is the stats page?

St Shea the Ever-Patient

Post 142

Dorothy Outta Kansas

Shea - Thanks for the lovely write-up. I take it that although I got your personality right-ish, I failed miserably on your name? Oh, well, at least I tried. Thanks for the chocolate though!

If anyone wanted to try on my name, I posted my details a few days ago, and Shimoda did a pretty good attempt on the first paragraph. But I reproduce the second and third nyms here, since no one has yet picked up on them! Happy analysing!

I also go by the nym Jaguarette, elsewhere, and my email username is Jaguar/jaguar (where possible) or variations upon that theme (I've used [email protected] in preference to a number-suffix).

Only one username, Elitan, has been inspired by a role-playing game, but my subconscious keeps nominating other El- names... what does this mean?

x x Fenny

What can you get from my name?

Post 143

Frankie Roberto

My internet name has universally been "Frankie Roberto" for a long time. Is there any possible analysis you can give it?

I did post an explanation of how I chose the name to H2G2 once, but you'd be hard pressed to find it... smiley - smiley

What can you get from my name?

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Shea the Sarcastic

The Stats Page:

Share and Enjoy! smiley - biggrin

What can you get from my name?

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DoctorMO (Keeper of the Computer, Guru, Community Artist)

Please do me, I saw that you did someone after me, am I just too boring for you, like someone with a celtic or Greek name? sorry, I'm interested.

>>I have got a few names so with out giving you too much info...


-- DoctorMO --

(used in... Postmaster(E-mail) Hotmail, IRC, GirlsOn, Forums and computer Log-On)<<

What can you get from my name?

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Proper Ganda (Keeper of torn maps)

Because you have been persistent I will do this but don't blame me if I am wildly wrong or uncomfortably acurate.

The giveaways here are the VB Martin and Code Master.

Clearly Male (MO) probably around 19. Difficult subject but probably cross lateral perhaps even dyslexic and as such didn't get the opportunities that others did but benefited from a free PC. Interested in Computer Studies but didn't bother to go to University. Program for a small local firm producing fun things in VB? Lacks the conviction to finish jobs. Martin is a pleasant name so perhaps mother is caring or Nurse and father also a medic (Doctor Martin Owens)?. MadMartin sounds like Animal from the Muppets so I guess you could be a drummer for a local band. Lived near Liverpool most your life if I am not mistaken (Widnes Sorry I checked.)

Clearly have read SciFi and has the entire collection of DS9 at home on VHS. Saving up for a DVD but already owns a Fiat something or other.

Colour: Dark Blue
Pokemon: Electabuzz
Tarot: Valet De Baton (Knave of Clubs)

Harsh but...


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Analyse this.


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Proper Ganda (Keeper of torn maps)

24 Professional Male, Degree in Geology in Belgium, Sci Fi, World travel, UK perhaps London? Paranoid schizophrenia and closet conspiracy theorist. Likes to keep things short.

Colour: Black
Tarot: Instruction Manual
Pokemon: Jynx


Post 149


Interesting tarot card. smiley - smiley


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DoctorMO (Keeper of the Computer, Guru, Community Artist)

This is me...

As you know from my Space I like to help people, that is were I picked up the name DoctorMO, somebody else sugested that I sould be called it so as to inform people that I was here to help people with computer problems in one way or another, as well as beeing a good programmer in VB, Assembler, HTML and Binary() I also have a great intrest in Computers Hard ware and I often fix peoples computers for small amounts of money, I have no job as I am just coming out of school 'Wade decon' 16years (5/11/84) [I know] I'm a logical person but have intrests in other things as well as Sci-fi (DNA, Star Trek, B5, *Anything Ex SW*), I often help read Tarrot cards with my mum and enjoy testing my healing. you got some bit right though I am dislexic and altough I don't Soc' well in real life I'm quite friendly on the net. although you didn't mention Snewo5 I will explain... Snewo is Owens Backwards, my uncle started it and the line has fallen to me, and I'm number 5 in the line.

Tarrot Card: Death card
Pokémon: Zapdos
Percent Right: 40%

thanks for anwsering my call for interest. -- DoctorMO --

Me please

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Hi try and analyse me...but if you read my page you already know mesmiley - biggrin
My other names are: [email protected],[email protected](a giveaway), Anne in multicolour,
I look forward to your answer ...

Me please

Post 152


How about analysing these names:
(which are all or have been me at various times)

Simpsy Goloff

and if I had a company it would be called Fifth Horizon.

OK I am gonna stop now...

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Proper Ganda (Keeper of torn maps)

I am a bit concerned about the re-percussions of this Digital Palm Reading. You see I just make it up. If you guess the Age and Sex the rest is just statistics.

OK I am gonna stop now...

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DoctorMO (Keeper of the Computer, Guru, Community Artist)


-- DoctorMO --

OK I am gonna stop now...

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I'd say that intuition and guessing is a large part of all this, Ganda. Plus you actually based most of your stuff on the usernames, as far as I could tell. In any case, the usernames must have influenced you in some way, and when you thought you were making things up, you were actually performing some amazing subconscious analysis. Kinda like when you catch a ball. smiley - smiley

OK I am gonna stop now...

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Martin Harper

You know your pseudo-science has gone mainstream when someone tries to debunk it... smiley - winkeye

Don't listen to iaoth - I have special powers which let me cross the oceans and deduce people's personalities from afar. Only instead of using this talent to get repeatedly laid, I analyse usernames on h2g2... smiley - biggrin

OK I am gonna stop now...

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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

There's a whole lot more to it than that, Ganda. If you took it a bit more seriously, you'd probably come up with more meaningful and accurate analyses.

It is all intuitive... you just read a name, and let your mind come up with associations. The more associations, the more detail you can guess. And it's so much easier with multiple names, because that will obviously increase the number of impressions.

And that's why there are a few still around that haven't be done that I hadn't taken a shot at... trgz just doesn't set anything off in my mind. And as for Solnushka, I'm afraid I've already had too many conversations on H2G2 with you and learned too much about you to do a fair reading.

OK I am gonna stop now...

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That's ok. Though now I'm worried about what my postings say about me...

OK I am gonna stop now...

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Proper Ganda (Keeper of torn maps)

Back in post 128 of this thread I tried to be more subtle but I guess that doesn't work here in h2g2. I think it would not be an analysis of names but a judgement of your comments. But for comedy value.

Solnushka=Sun Beams or something like this I think.
28 Female, SciFi, travel, radical, patient optimist but lonely Promethean. Izvenitsya ya nezhnio...

Pokemon Card: BorschZon
Tarot Card: Hierophant
Feng Shui Element: Hydrogenated Vegtable Oil
Favourite Colour: Red

OK I am gonna stop now...

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Hm, I must've missed post 128. No, wait, I remember reading it, but I couldn't figure out who "he" was in reference to. I thought ~you~ had guessed something and that I'd missed one of your earlier posts. smiley - smiley

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