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Analysing for "Vroom's Poetry will be eaten by a very large spongy mass next friday"...

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Martin Harper

Vroom's Poetry will be eaten by a very large spongy mass next friday.

Wow! Well, this "eartling" is just somewhat amazed by that name: that's NOT standard... Vroom en Dreesman is a Hitchhiker reference, I'm guessing - which puts me at a disadvantage - can anyone help?

Ok: it's an odd name, very odd indeed. In fact, it's not even a name - it's more of a statement. A prediction about the future, such as you might find in a very surreal fortune cookie. For some reason, I get the impression that this user is the sort of person who says "I'm mad, me" - but turns out to be comparatively sane, but that's just intuition, with no basis in reality...

Why on eart is Poetry capitalised? Could just be an oversight, or it could be a hint that "Vroom's Poetry" is some kind of actual name with a name. I like the second: I'd be calling this person Vroom's Poetry, anyway - it's quicker than VPwbebavlsmnf, right? smiley - winkeye It's a nice touch, as is the reference to next friday with its "tomorrow never comes" resonances.

Though the name is long, most of the words are fairly short. This suggests a fairly young user, perhaps 16 or so. Clearly someone who likes the Hiker books, too. But basically this name is so weird I can't get much from it at all. Oh well.

Analysing for "Vroom's Poetry will be eaten by a very large spongy mass next friday"...

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"Vroom's Poetry" could be a bookstore. smiley - smiley That would explain why the spongy mass has to be very large. smiley - biggrin

how about me?

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girleight is really the only name ive used apart from my real name or my initials. Thanks!!

how about me?

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NMcCoy (attempting to standardize my username across the Internet. Formerly known as Twinkle.)

Ooh, not bad. I do tend to specialize in the special-effects type of smiley - magic. I didn't even know the nickname was so relevant smiley - smiley. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing for an online game, and it has become my whole online persona.

how about me?

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tacsatduck- beware the <sheep> lie

Oh if you would like you could try and with mine it is tacsatduck somtimes typed TacSatDuck and for h2g2 I added the last bit about the sheep

Jumping on the bandwagon!

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Dorothy Outta Kansas

Why would I call myself Fenchurch and shorten it to Fenny? and why would I add that I'm a Thumper of Honky Tonks? (I have some idea as to the second, but I'm not sure about the first!) This was a name I thought up in thirty seconds, two days ago, when I made a decision to divorce myself from my previous handles for h2g2.

I also go by the nym Jaguarette, elsewhere, and my email username is Jaguar/jaguar (where possible) or variations upon that theme (I've used [email protected] in preference to a number-suffix).

Only one username, Elitan, has been inspired by a role-playing game, but my subconscious keeps nominating other El- names... what does this mean?

Thanks for your analysis - I look forward to finding you know me better than I know myself!


Analysing for braindead_geordie, aleta, nik, zzib

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Researcher 175271


Here is my Nickname: stinkywigfiddle, but I guess you saw that already.

I've use that name for almost avery forum I've joined. It started as my email address.
When I first joined h2g2 i used a shortened version of that name, wigfiddle. I doubt anyone will remember me as wigfiddle.

Analysing for Mikey the Humming Mouse, various...

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Martin Harper

heh - lotta name going on there...

Mikey is obviously the name, or shortening of the name, of this user: so the could be called Mike, Michelle, Michael, or indeed Mikey. It could be a false name, but it'd seem unlikely to take a fake name so consistently, from such a young age. Also, schools tend to get all uppity if their pupils start using other names as handles, because school admin people are too stupid to deal with it... smiley - smiley

So to the normal name, we add first mouse, and then humming mouse. Someone with mousy hair, perhaps? Or someone who's pretty small and squeeks a lot? It's a low-profile name, really - nobody notices a mouse, beyond checking out how it runs on a wheel. That's reinforced by the humming: not singing, not dancing, just humming along to some tune that nobody else can hear. The name has nice onamatopeia with that: the excess of 'm's definately gives the name a humming feel.

Until recently, this user used no capitals - even where spaces were not allowed and "TheHummingMouse" might have been easier to read. Again, that reinforces the low profile image, as does the lack of ascenders and descenders in the names, with the exception of the mikey bit. But still waters run deeply, and other like cliches...


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OK. Only connect. Connect this. Hoovooloo.


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Shea the Sarcastic

I put in my bid on April 6 ... when's it my turn? http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/F54489?thread=98614&post=888803#p888803 Should I offer more ? ;-)


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Researcher 175271

I didn't notice what the subject on my post was.

Analysing for shazzPRME;-)

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Martin Harper

Bleh - don't you hate it when NS crashes halfway through a reply? smiley - sadface Anywho, let's get this back on the road, and I'll try and hide my irritation... smiley - smiley

shazz... (hi! smiley - smiley) short for Sharon, probably, or some other similar name - or that's what it most looks like. This may or may not be the user's real name, and in the end it doesn't matter - that's more of an issue with privacy and fraud than personality. What does matter is the matter-of-factness of such names: I'd expect this user to be renowned for speaking their mind, and perhaps not-so-renowned for tact and diplomacy.

PRME - huh? Well, this could be anything: it could be initials, could be some kind of abreviation for something, standard or otherwise - or it could even be the ticker tape symbol for Prime Response! Ok, perhaps that last one is unlikely, but the best I can say about this bit is that I can't say much about it - which implies someone who doesn't particularly mind being misunderstood/not understood. Some kind of in-joke, perhaps, to be shared with friends while other scratch their heads - this is a user who cares very much about their friends. Add that to the smiley face: someone who loves to laugh and joke - happy for every comment made on h2g2 to be preceded by a wink and smile. And why not? Life is living after all! smiley - biggrin

Analysing for Agnetha, AnnaFrid, Miranda, Marcia Brady...

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Martin Harper

Hmm, this is a curious one...

Four different names, one with a surname, three without. All clearly female, and all could pass as real names in a pinch... well, almost. The obvious connection is with ABBA - Agnetha and Anni-Frid being the names of the two female members of that band; "Anna-Frid" is a more common version of Anni-Frid, and if a website doesn't allow hyphens, then the contraction is normal. Similarly obvious is that Marcia Brady is a reference to the Brady Bunch. No rocket science here. smiley - smiley Someone who is a fan of those is probably someone who was around to hear/see them the first time - so between 30 and 40, give or take. It might be someone who's rediscovered them as they've come back into fashion as "ironic", but with two different things from that age, it seems unlikely.

Miranda.... is less certain. Given the other three names, it seems likely that this is the name of someone else who was fairly famous around the same sort of era. Miranda Richardson (from Black Adder II), perhaps - but she didn't become famous till the early 1980's. An alternative perhaps is that *this name* is the author's real name, while the other three are fakes... I suspect this isn't the case, though... because this user feels to secretive to give this information - it's probably part of their mystique... smiley - magic Though I would be happy to stick my neck on the line, and say that the user's REAL first name begins with an M or an A. Oh, female obviously. Even the weirdest cross-gender name user occasionally uses names of their own gender, I think it's some kind of law or something... smiley - bigeyes

Analysing for Mikey the Humming Mouse, various...

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Mikey the Humming Mouse - A3938628 Learn More About the Edited Guide!

Lucinda --

hey, pretty impressive! yup, low profile is me, pretty much of the time. here's where it all orginally came from:

the mikey is short for michelle. in my dorm in high school, there were tons of michelles (4 on my floor of 12 girls alone!) - apparently, it was the 2nd most popular name for girls the year i was born. so, i went by mikey to differentiate myself - plus, it sounded more perky than michelle, and i was desperately trying to reinvent myself as the perky type. smiley - smiley

the humming mouse part comes from much further back. as a little one, i refused to say a few consonants (most notably n's, i didn't like how they felt in my mouth), and i would substitute m's for all of them. it apparently sounded like i was humming all the time, so my dad has called me 'hummer' ever since (i don't think he's aware of the sexual connotations that has in some cultures....). he also called me 'baby mouse' when i was little (he called my mom 'creepy mouse', but that's a whole 'nother story...), and i started collecting mouse figurines from infancy on. so, humming mouse is the hummer and the mouse put together.

smiley - smiley

Open for Analysing...

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anaylize me please.... my user name is yashya... do you want more info than that? err just mail me if you do...

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I've had the names Dragon, Nemesis, chaoticist, RLodovic, and here I'm Shimoda. I've done some analysis on them already, but I'm interested in what someone else has to say.

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Cool, I like those. Dragon, Nemesis and chaoticist. Right now, I really wish we had a smiley. Go vote for smilies, btw.

Analysing for Rosemariini...

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Martin Harper

Well, iaoth's done a *superb* example on this name, so there's little I can add. A big hand for iaoth! smiley - wow

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