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Rosmariini? Sounds like Finnish for rosemary, an "evergreen shrub that grows in the Mediterranean regions (used in perfumes, medications, and as a spice)", according to Babylon.

A spicy person who enjoys warmth, if she's anything like the shrub. smiley - smiley I'm not really good at this...

Analysing for "Sad, mad or bad?(or Buttecup)"...

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NMcCoy (attempting to standardize my username across the Internet. Formerly known as Twinkle.)

What about me? I kinda got lost in the backlog.

Analysing for nim the cat and Grosse Falem

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Sorry, I just realised that Lucinda mistook the two letters 'r' and 'n' for an 'm'. So it's FALERN, not FALEM. After doing some searching, I've come to the conclusion that Falern is a last name. It might also be the name of a place -- "Der Tod von Falern", the name of a book, can mean either "The death from Falern" or "The death of Falern".

Anyway, Grosse Falern doesn't necessarily talk much. It sounds more like the name of a city (like Grosse Point) or a "big" person.

Analysing for "Sad, mad or bad?(or Buttecup)"...

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I'm just analysing things at random. Lucinda is being more systematic. Be patient, there are two names (bigalibi and coelacanth, I believe) ahead of you in the queue.

Analysing for "Sad, mad or bad?(or Buttecup)"...

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That last post was a response to Twinkle. smiley - smiley

Analysing for nim the cat and Grosse Falem

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nim the cat (STILL choking in air pollution)


"nim" in Farsi (persian language) means "half".
"nimcat" was my most favorite nickname as child - "cat" is one abbreviation for my real name and I'm crazy about cats and I was rather small and slight at that time and I liked the inferrence that I'm half feline. I used it while opening my yahoo! acount and from that one I derived my username.

And the lack of capital letters is because of my inferiority complex...
smiley - smiley

Thanks anyway!


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Thanks! smiley - biggrinsmiley - smiley

You got it right! Nationality and all. Right now here in Caucasus it is so green and warm and lovely!!! smiley - biggrinsmiley - smileysmiley - biggrin

You are very good indeed!smiley - biggrinsmiley - smileysmiley - biggrin

Rosmariini smiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrin

Seasonal sex change, Lucinda?

Post 68

Mother of God, Empress of the Universe

Spring fever? Tired of being mistaken for a woman? Do tell. smiley - smiley

Your analysis of my names was good, but inaccurate. I don't use them to offend, but they do tend to get people's attention.

I've been Mother of God for about 14 years now. Took that one because I'm agnostic and believe that people have the power to direct their own lives through focus and diligence and effort. I don't need a higher power to blame for my troubles or ask for assistance. And I chose a value system that I adhere to because I think it's right, not because I fear divine punishment. It's just my way of saying I own my life and the consequences of my actions.

Magnolia Thunderpussy is what I go by when I'm accessing the more sensual and flamboyant parts of my personality. Magnolias are kinda sultry, heavily scented, creamy texture... they remind me of New Orleans. And the Thunderpussy is the yowly, physical, out-of-control animal part.

Brain-In-A-Jar came recently when I became computerized, started dealing with people on ICQ. I'm fascinated with the idea that people can have purely mind-to-mind interaction that makes a powerful impression, without any of the distractions inherent in RL relationships. Also that people can be extremely attracted to one another's minds, but when they actually meet the chemistry might not be there. So, here's my brain, totally exposed, but we can't touch each other because we're not all here.

Finally, my name is Britta. And mog is just an abbreviation for mother of god. I had to chose an email address, and Britta was taken.

You were right in assessing me as some kind of artist who likes to play with words. smiley - smiley

Analysing for "Sad, mad or bad?(or Buttecup)"...

Post 69

Sad, Mad or Bad? - I always wanted to be a dino, but alas, I'm just old.

THanks Lucinda smiley - biggrin Sorry it took so long to get back to you but I had RL too. (ooh hang on, you're not Lucinda any more?)

Anyway, my name probably makes more sense when you realise that I'm not actually describing myself, but the various characters I used to roleplay. Which wouldn't really be obvious at first, but I wanted more to know what somebody who didn't realise that would feel when they looked at my name. And yep, iaoth was right; the Buttercup is from the Powerpuff Girls. smiley - smiley

Ooh ! Ooh! Me, too!

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Mikey the Humming Mouse - A3938628 Learn More About the Edited Guide!

I've been waiting patiently for a bit (about 5 weeks), and would really really like it if someone would do mine (back on post 39). I would pitch in and help analyze other people, but I just don't really seem to have the bent. If someone does mine, though, I might do something special for them, like write a dorky limerick. smiley - smiley

smiley - smiley

Analysing for Bigalibi...

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Martin Harper

The sex change? Well, I felt I should advertise the h2g2petition at A544943, at least for a while - and since Lucinda isn't much of a political person there was something of a conflict there, you know? She'll be back soon... smiley - smiley

Ok, time to peek behind the mask of Bigalibi... and see what we can see... {and not be too scared}

First resonance: two words - big alibi, where an alibi is typically what mobsters use to try and convince the police that they couldn't have shot the sheriff because he (or, rarely, she) was busy having hir nails clipped at the local beauticians. This, I'd guess is where the name originally comes from - I can see this author singing along happilly to that "It wasn't me!" song...

But she caught me on the counter,
Saw me kissing on the sofa,
I even had her in the shower,
She even caught me on camera!

Saw the marks on my shoulder,
heard the lies that I told her,
heard the screams getting louder,
she said I did it twice over!

Sorry, that was a blatant excuse to sing along (badly, with the wrong words) to one of my favourite songs - you'll have to excuse me... smiley - erm

Of course, the innocent can have alibis too - but it being a piece of jargon used by lawyers and such, we tend to associate it with the bad guys in black, somehow. Of course, a big alibi would be a rock solid one - at the time of the incident, you were rescuing people from a burning building while reporters from the 9 o' clock news got it all on film. Honest officer!

But, because of the lack of a capital on 'a', it doesn't have to be this. Actually, the first time I saw the name, I thought it sounded like some kind of foreign name, though I couldn't work out where from. Try it yourself: pronounce it with all short vowels as a single word, and see if you don't get an image of some kind of animalistic shaman casting spells on visiting anthropologists...

Well, that's all I'm getting, so you'll have to stick with either mafia godfather, or native witchdoctor. Hmm: tough call... smiley - winkeye

Analysing for Coelecanth...

Post 72

Martin Harper

Hmm... well this name is an odd kettle of fish...

Specifically, Coelecanths are an order of particularly ugly looking fishes, which are now extinct (less one species). The name comes from the Latin for "hollow spine", presumably because the fish had hollow spines, I guess. So, someone here is marginally obsessed with smiley - hsif - either a fisherperson, or perhaps a biologist of some kind. And well read with it too - it's not exactly a wellknown word. If not fish-obsession, it could instead be an interest or an aptitude in Latin - but whichever way, definately a learned user...

As it happens, and as I'm sure the user knows, the correct pronounciation is something like seelukanth, with long 'ee', short 'a' and a very short 'u'. There's a pleasing contrast there between the two pronounciations of 'c', and the whole thing is pleasantly poetic.

The real curiosity is that in both cases, 99.9% of the people who see that name won't spot either the meaning, or pronounce it correctly internally (I have the benefit of a dictionary, which helps... smiley - winkeye) - so this is someone who is quite happy to be misunderstood by just about everyone - it seems very self-sufficient: the user's name is pleasing to them, and if nobody else 'gets' it - well, that's their fault isn't it?

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Wayfarer -MadForumArtist, Keeper of bad puns, Greeblet with Goo beret, Tangential One

i got mine analyzed a while back, (this was pre-bbc, and even before that, when i was just Minesweep Goddess, w/o all the title stuff), but now i can't find the thread, *or* quite remember who it was who did it. could you do mine and/or point me in the direction of the original? please? i a\really am curious about it, esp now that i don't know.

No Subject

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Martin Harper

Hmm - well, Magnolia's page is here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A305704
- so you might have luck on one of those three threads visible - but if you asked earlier than that, then your analysis will still be in the grip of the censors, I'm afraid...

No Subject

Post 75

Wayfarer -MadForumArtist, Keeper of bad puns, Greeblet with Goo beret, Tangential One

oh..... that must be it, since it's not there. thanks.

Open for Analysing...

Post 76


loonafish - what does that say about me?

Open for Analysing...

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What does anyone make of MaW then? I've analysed myself in the What's in a (nick)name? thread on Ask h2g2, but I was sort of wondering what someone else might think.

Some places I'm also known as Yrd - mostly when MaW is unavailable. I also have two roleplay characters by the names of Toram Erin and Eldhrin Tamwin, but I don't count those as particularly significant because roleplaying in that way is a deliberate attempt to be someone else, and also because where I use them the names ideally have to be constructed to fit with the world the characters live in. Although if anyone's interested, Toram came before Eldhrin.

Analysing for Coelecanth...

Post 78


Thank you!
I chose the name for a number of reasons. I've been visiting the Natural History Museum since I was a child, so I've seen the sad looking specimin they have many times. I know the man responsible for the most recent displaying of it, and keep a postcard of the fish to remind me of him.
So, when choosing a name for h2g2, why not a fish (so long and thanks for all the....) and one badly in need of conservation too. (Follow the dinofish link from my page). DNA put one in Dirk Gently.
I was close to turning the age that life begins at, so an ancient old thing that had the power to suddenly surprise people seemed quite appropriate.
Not a fisher person or a biologist. Learned? Possibly. smiley - smiley The pronounciation I knew, and it does have a nice sound to it. It's the first thing people asked at the meet up in November. Some people shorten it to Coely which is a different type of fish altogether.
But, if I've raised just a little awareness of the conservation efforts then I'll be pleased. smiley - smiley
The last paragraph of your analysis is very true!
smiley - fish (quite happy to be misunderstood)

Please analyze...

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Mikeel or mikeel (I've just read your thoughts on caps and use both. I think capitlized came first, though.)



I won't give any more info so as not to spoil the fun, but will mention that the order of these names is the order in which I started using them.

Thanks, smiley - smiley


Analysing for Twinkle, Twinkle Elf, TwinkleElf...

Post 80

Martin Harper

Hmm, Twinkle Elf.... of course, there are lots of different types of smiley - elfs: big, small, magic, mundane, good, evil, and the rest. It's a pretty wide category, but with that "Twinkle"... well, I reckon the tinkerbell image is probably fairly accurate.

So the impression I get is of someone with a light smattering of twinkly magic, but for appearance and special effects rather than to create volcanoes and all that kind of nonsense, which would be far too much like hard work. Lightness and frivolousness, and superficial good looks - in a natural kind of way. No great trickiness in the names, which gives a sense of an untroubled free spirit, and a natural optimist.

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