A Conversation for The Meanings of Usernames

Open for Analysing...

Post 21


All right. Since it seems to be the thing to do...
My name for h2g2 is Meredith. I have an alternate (older) name of Butterfly (sometimes shortened to bttrfly), though Meredith is the only h2g2 name I have.
Should prove a fairly simple and uninteresting analysis, I'm afraid, but have at it, nevertheless. smiley - smiley

Open for Analysing...

Post 22

Sad, Mad or Bad? - I always wanted to be a dino, but alas, I'm just old.

Ah; I posted this on a different thread, but now I believe I'm in the right place.

Would you analyse me please Lucinda? smiley - smiley (I can't help but think my name is fraught with meaning)

Open for Analysing...

Post 23

Rocket Rod

OK I'm game, what do you make of my name?
Rocket Rod (Ace and Zaphodista).
smiley - rocketsmiley - winkeye

Us too please...

Post 24

nim the cat (STILL choking in air pollution)

I'm nim the cat - what do you make of it?

And Falern is right here and too lazy to go home and post a request so please do his name too.


nim & Falern (actually Grosse Falern)

Open for Analysing...

Post 25

Courtney Patron Saint of Social Embarassment

Lucinda I am very impressed. The easy part is yes Courtney is my real name. The C is also the first letter of my last name. I couldn't be Courtney Cox because she spells her name some silly bass ackwards way. If I can every scrape up the money to go back to school an engilsh teacher is what I would like to be.

On the Nala front I will say that it was in a movie but that is not why I use it. That part will have to remain a mystery unless someone else would like to take a shot at it.

I have no desire to be famous or in the spot light but I am very happy being in the backround making thing work right.

I am very impressed with you analysis.


Analysing for braindead_geordie, aleta, nik, zzib

Post 26


curiouser and curiouser...
apologies for the cliche, it was your mention of alice wot done it! aaanyway, on with the analysis of your analysis:

for starters, you may be interested to know that they're all in use. i've been using 'aleta' for ooh, at least 13 yrs now (yikes). your suggestion of 'a letter' makes v interesting reading; however, in reality (ooh, harsh!) it's a very carefully thought out amalgamation of 2 different names. as my first proper alter ego, i suppose it's not surprising it's different to the ones that have surfaced since (aah, the joys of maturity (or something)); it was designed to sound feminine, soft & fluffy etc. it's pronounced btw with short 'a's and a long 'e'.

'nik' came about when i needed an outlet for my masculine side (being fluffy got boring). it is actually my name... but i do appreciate the 'nik/name' aspect of it! it's short, sharp and to the point; can be cutting ('nick of a blade' etc).

'braindead_geordie' was born when i decided to go back to uni & do an ma; partly, cos i felt a tad daunted at the thought of using my grey cells again (aargh, exams!), and hey, let's face it, the stereotypical geordie is not known for their intellect! (a certain lack of confidence there) also intended to be self-deprecating: i may say i'm braindead, but deep down i know i'm not. it can come in handy when in a 'debate' - 'this is what i think, but what do i know, i'm braindead!' (a defence against anti-intellectualism?).

'zzib' (a reaction against the caged-in-feelingness of being constricted by work & study) was inspired by zebedee, my fave 'magic roundabout' character (am i showing my age yet? ) (somehow i doubt that counts as exotic!) as in 'boing' said zebedee. so your comments about vitality and get up & go are remarkably accurate.

all in all, i don't think you've done too badly there: you prob know far more about me than you ever wanted to. i'll buy you a pint of your fave tipple sometime, in return!
*wanders off to have a quick neb at the pentagon* smiley - winkeye

Analysing for TheAardvark

Post 27

Martin Harper

Not a huge amount to go on, TheAardvark (do your friends call you aard?), it has to be said. But let's see what can be dug up, shall we?

Ok, so an aardvark is a rather unusual animal - we have an entry on it in the guide, come to think of it. Digs fast... but when most people talk about aardvark's they're only talking about it because it's the first word in the dictionary (well, after "a" and "AA"...) - it's a metasyntactic variable kinda thing.

{I've always wanted to slip that into a conversation}

So, is this user small and furry, and do they dig for a living? Could be... I'd certainly guess that there's an earth/nature connection, regardless, and I'd also guess that after wearing the name for a while, this user knows a thing or two about the creatures - you'd almost have to!

But the real inspiration here HAS to be "Aardvark" off Children's BBC - a guy in a big aardvark costume, who read out letters and introduced cartoons and made jokes, and suchlike. Which would mean that the person who chose the name has to be somewhere between 18 and 25, grew up in the UK, loved cartoons, and hates adverts (doesn't everyone?).

What else... well, no spaces, so this'd likely be a name that's travelled from place to place for a while - the capitalisation is as traditional as Auntie, though. I guess the thing that strikes me most about aarrdvarks is that nobody knows what they are, though everyone's heard of them... is that your aim? If so, who am I to try and stop you - good luck in your quest! smiley - biggrin


Erm...hello? *lol*

Post 28


*Jumps up and down on spot excitedly*

He, do me, do me smiley - smiley

I'm a trinity

Post 29

Mother of God, Empress of the Universe

And when you've finished with daSilva, I'd love to see what you make of an entity like me. I fly under Mother of God, Magnolia Thunderpussy, and Brain-in-a-Jar. And I'm Brittamog too.

(kicks back with another of her eternal cosmicpolitans and fiddles with her feathers)

Analying for Boys and Cake Girl

Post 30

Martin Harper

right, B&CG is up next in line... This is kind of an ambiguous name: cos you can look at it too ways - either (Boys and Cake) Girl {as in, a girl who likes boys and cake?} or Boys and (Cake Girl) {as in, a cake girl, and some boys?}. But which could it be... or indeed, is it both?

I reckon that it has to be the first way round - and the second is something of a coincidence: but even so, the way it could be interpretted as a band name does hint at musical talent - possibly something of a performer. Are we going to see "Cake Girl and her Boys" climbing through the top ten any time soon? Probably not, but it's a nice thought, eh?

So, we're left in the perhaps less heady heights of a girl associated in some way with cake and boys. Or is it less heady - it's got the ring of a superheroine name: after batgirl comes boys and cake girl, without the cool gadgets, but with a better taste in body suits... such a name also implies someone destined for greatness - there's a certain ambition in anyone who pretends to be a superhero - and it would go with the Top of the Pops echoes...

However, there have never been, to my knowledge, any superheroes who regularly attack using cake, so there's a slight note of irony here. Someone who would be a superhero if it wasn't for the existance of boys and cake? (both tough distractions to overcome... smiley - winkeye) Or perhaps someone who feels that their special talents lie in the cake and boys area? - someone who'll end up being either a cook or a [removed by me]. A cook has better career prospects, I reckon though...

The simplest explanation is that this is merely a girl who likes boys and likes cake. But I think that "likes" has to be understating it: many people like both these things, but putting them in your name implies a level of adoration above and beyond the normal - and the self-knowledge and confidence to admit that addiction quite cheerfully. My official cake consultant informs me that you would probably die for a double chocolate Sarah Lee gateaux. He's possibly generalising from self a little there, though... smiley - winkeye

What else... well, this is a "girl" talking about "boys", so this really has to be someone quite young. The girl on its own could stand as a post-feminist neo-liberal statement {MRD wants to be a modern art critic}, but the boys implies genuine youth rather than pretended youth - I'd guess an age of at most 18 - that or around 40 and midway through a mid-life crisis! smiley - winkeye

Aside from the imagery... capitalisation is fairly normal, note "and" isn't capitalised, and I'd expect on a true egomaniac it'd get a capital too. This softens the popstar, superhero imagero somewhat - and turns it a little more to the ironic than the serious. Lots of short, spiky, words, too - this is a long shot, but is this someone who doesn't have English as a first language?? I ask because of the short words, but also because of the slightly unusual feel of the name - and that it's ambiguous in interpretation...

That's just a *really* wild stab in the dark, though. I guess the image I get here is of a girl with a fairly hefty ambition, probably music-related, tempered by a self-knowledge and good humour that's rare at any age. And hey, even if the ambition fails, there'll always be cake, right? smiley - cake

Analying for Boys and Cake Girl

Post 31

Boys and Cake Girl

Thanks for the analysis!

Not too much hit the mark but it is very interesting to see how my name comes across to others.

smiley - winkeye

It is intended to be firmly tongue in cheek. (It has strange twisted origins in a Jo Brand sketch before myself and a friend adopted it as a catch-phrase. It's all far too complicated to explain as most private jokes always are.) I don't have any great failing for boys - apart from my splendid boyfriend. smiley - smiley And as for cake... well, actually you might be onto something there but I'd rather have strawberry over chocolate any day.

It was also supposed to sound like a super-hero but a bit of a rubbish one or just plain surreal. Was also the first name that occured to me when I was called upon to invent one.

I'm also a bit older than 18 but not in a mid-life crisis yet!!

Analying for Boys and Cake Girl

Post 32

Jim diGriz

"boys and cake girl, without the cool gadgets"???

Oh dear. I'm sorry, but a girl without cool gadgets is not much of a girl in my book. Oh no, not at all.

I mean, what would be the *point* in a girl who didn't have (or at least *like*) cool gadgets?

I suppose such girls exist. Which just goes to show what a crazy twisted world this can be.

For any such girl, I would prescribe a soldering iron, a drill and a Swiss Army knife.

However, I do believe B&CG that you do not require such a prescription! smiley - smiley

Analying for Boys and Cake Girl

Post 33

Boys and Cake Girl

I think you need screwdrivers, pliers and a GPS as well to feel properly kitted out.

If I was a super-hero I'd want *loads* of gadgets. (Actually want *loads* anyway but...) What would be the point otherwise? Especially with such a stupid name, I'd want some compensations. smiley - smiley

Oh and quite a bit of cake.

Analying for Boys and Cake Girl

Post 34

Jim diGriz

I knew it! smiley - smiley

Open for Analysing...

Post 35

Bigalibi (Muse of Antiquated Swimming Strokes & MuG)

So, who (or what) hides behind the mask that is bigalibi ?
Answers please on a postcard to the usual address.

Thank you.

Open for Analysing...

Post 36


smiley - hsif

Open for Analysing...

Post 37

NMcCoy (attempting to standardize my username across the Internet. Formerly known as Twinkle.)

I am Twinkle Elf, (or TwinkleElf wheere no spaces are allowed) usually referred to as just Twinkle. I use it _everywhere_ I can because I find it easier to have a single alternate identity, adjusting it for the situation, than making up a new person everywhere I go. I've had it for years, and still don't know where I got it or what Twinkle's last name is.

Deer fellow eartlings! Which poor soul would like to give my name a try?

Post 38

Vroom's Poetry will be eaten by a very large spongy mass next friday

my name izz "Vroom's poetry will be eaten by a very large spongy mass next friday"
Does anyone have any comment on this sad example of folly?

I would be eternally gratefull...

Vroom's Poetry will de eaten by a very large spongy mass next friday

Ooh ! Ooh! Me, too!

Post 39

Mikey the Humming Mouse - A3938628 Learn More About the Edited Guide!

The majority of my user names have been a variation on a theme. Here's a more or less chronological order, ending with my h2g2 name:

mikey (in high school)
mikeyg (in college, as "mikey" was already taken)
mikeymouse (very briefly)
mouse (for a bit in grad school)
hummingmouse (" ")
thehummingmouse (use on sites that don't allow spaces)
mikey the humming mouse (used to use on sites with spaces)
Mikey the Humming Mouse (now use, especially on h2g2)
Mikey (for short)

smiley - smiley

Ooh ! Ooh! Me, too!

Post 40


Lets give you an easy one then:
shazzPRMEsmiley - winkeye

Probably far too easy for Lucinda! LOL

shazz smiley - magic

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