The Library and Museum

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Welcome to the Library and Museum

The Library and Museum is arranged on three floors. The ground floor is where you will find useful information about The Town and the rest of h2g2 Island. Upstairs we have a museum and art gallery. Downstairs you will find the stacks - items currently in storage - and the computer department.

The Ground Floor - The Library


H2G2 Fiction
The Irving Washington Book Nook
Stairs and Lifts

Up to Museum
Down to Stacks

University of Life
h2g2 Historical Society
So Long and Thanks for Laughing
University of Life/Library/Humour
H2G2 Comedy Workshop
The Lobby

Display of the Moment

rattus peregrinator

The Noticeboard
Young Entities' Library

Young Entities' Librarian Wanted
Local Information

The University Library
The Village Library
The Village Museum
Don't Panic! Explore
Overwhelmingly Huge Guide
Quick Reference Guide
H2G2 Interesting Facts
Media and Multimedia

The H2G2 Film Society
The Musicians Guild
Radio Hot Air
The H2G2 Post

Video special:
Peregrin's Foot Cam
Entrance from the Town Square

The Tour of H2G2 leaves from the steps in the Town Square every hour on the hour.

The Upper Floor - The Museum

Visitors using Netscape may experience some spatial disturbance on this floor. This is perfectly normal. Paper bags are available in a stand near the stairs... you can be sick into them or put them over your head but not both. Please take your litter with you.

h2g2 Natural History Museum

Please do not feed the exhibits... however much they beg.
Stairs and Lifts

Down to Library
h2g2 Dynamic Art Gallery

Different every time you visit! Not functioning now.
Main Display Area

Floats Revisited
Being cleaned.
h2g2 Local History Museum

Curator of Antiquities sought urgently.

The Basement - The Stacks

Staff Room
Curator: Amy the Ant
Young Entities' Librarian
Curator of Antiquities.
Stairs and Lifts

Up to Library
Book Stacks
Map Room

Waterworks Map
La Vavoom Village Map
No Parking
Media Stacks

The WWJ Guide to All things Musical on h2g2

Large Item Storage
The Aircraft of the Isle of Wight
Computer Room

A guide to GuideML
GuideML Examples
Code for This Page
Art Vaults

Art Catalogue: Borrowed Works
Art Catalogue: H2G2 Works
Smileys drawn by researchers

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