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Welcome to h2g2 Fiction. h2g2 is a great site, full of facts, people, and.. things, but when it comes to fiction, it's a bit lacking. That's why this page is here.

Fiction Central has now been exhumed by Baxter Horowitz- an entity made up of Terran and [HPB].
It is hoped that I/we can continue the standard set by our predecessors, Lance Boyles and Peregrin.
-Baxter Horowitz

To read the stories, click on the link above - 'Stories A-Z by Author' and click on the link of the story you want to read.

We want YOUR creative writing. Stories - narrative first/second/third person perspective stuff.

Other writing that doesn't fit into the Edited Guide guidelines, and aren't fictitious stories, can go to:

  • The Alternative Writing Workshop - the official alternative - providing support for writing that doesn't fit the Guide guidelines.
  • AGG/GAG/CAC (Another Galaxy Guide / Galactic Anomolies Group / Committee for Alien Content) - this is an alternative to the Alternative Writing Workshop - they promote alternative writing and publish it in the Post.
  • The Post - h2g2's weekly newsletter - good for news/current stories, human interest and regular articles.
  • UnderGuide - h2g2 sister organisation to the Edited Guide, which tries to fill the gaps left by the Edited Guide.

You also might like to visit Get Writing. This alternative DNA site brings together writers to exchange work whether you are interested in writing/publishing novels, poetry, essays, scripts, or anything else. Get Writing closed on 24th March 2005 but the old pages remain.

Latest Works

Prof Animal Chaos'


More in the archive.

Discussion Point

What are the components of a good short story?

How do you think of a good plot idea?

Want to share your tips and ideas? Pop over to the h2g2 Fiction Discussion Point and share your knowledge. Browse the conversations to pick up tips from fellow writers.

Recommended Reads

A retro read with Ming who doesn't like wasps:

h2g2 Fiction Central

Last Updated: 10th August 2008

h2g2 Fiction Central | Stories A-Z by Author | About h2g2 Fiction | Discussion Point

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