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What do I do? If you've written some creative writing, or want some advice with some, say so in the forum marked 'Fiction'. If you want to put a story up, create a new Guide Entry and write it in there (ask if you don't know how to do this) and tell me in the Fiction forum so I can link to it from this page.

"Please don't be worried if you don't get a response for a while" was a quote from Peregrin who unfortunately couldn't look after Fiction Central as much as he once did (and wanted to). Now that we're here, we're determined not to let Fiction Central fall into the slump it has been in these past months. We are, after all, the last survivors of the Second Fiction Tribe!

Are there any guidelines? No! Write what YOU feel like. If you're feeling nice, you could include a link to this page at the top of your story. Please bare in mind however that Fiction Central falls under the House Rules like everywhere else on h2g2.

Who runs this page? Me! That's Baxter Horowitz: the gestalt entity that is [HPB] and Vercingetorix taking over from Peregrin. This page was originally set up by Lance Boyles then Peregrin took the flame into the Second Age of Fiction Central.
Ideally this page keeps running because of YOU. If you want encouragement or help from me, go ahead and ask, but this is a community page so you have just as much a say in what goes on as I do. I just hold the keys smiley - winkeye

Tell people about h2g2 Fiction! The more people know about this place, the more good stuff gets here.

Read the stories! There are some great stories here and the writers will always appreciate feedback.

Don't be afraid to contribute! We get all kinds of writers here, from first time amateurs to professionals, of all ages. Letting others read and comment on your fiction is a brilliant way to develop confidence and technique in your writing.

Legal Note - If you think that you may publish your material elsewhere, bear in mind that if you have put it on h2g2 you will no longer own exclusive rights to the material. This means that it may be more difficult to sell. For more information, see the relevant part in the Don't Panic FAQ.

h2g2 Fiction Central | Stories A-Z by Author | About h2g2 Fiction | Discussion Point

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