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You wander into a moodily lit corner of the cafe drawn by an insatiable urge to discuss literature.

The first thing you see is a large picture of good ol' Irv, dominating the small, yet cozy, recess.

As your eyes adjust to the darkened lighting, your pupils dilate in amazement as you discover the perfect little book nook . . .

You notice a list of recommended readings stuck to the wall with bubble gum -- you peer closer, but its a bit blurry and you cant make out the items(i.e. we have to get off our bums and finish it).

Sit down! Have a coffee! Have a donut! Tell us what you are reading!

In the mean time, here are links to the earliest Book columns:

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Book Club 8: Various Worden About Dialecten
Book Club 7: Young Zaphod Plays it Safe
Book Club 6: Dune and the View Across the Sand
Book Club 5: Mostly Harmless
Book Club 4: So Long and Thanks for All the Fish
Book Club 3: Life the Universe and Everything
Book Club 2
Book Club the First

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