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Posted: 14th October 2004


Crash, Bump, Bother.

It had been complaining ever since I installed some 'critical updates' a few weeks ago. It started out by grumbling every time I 'explored' the contents of my document files. By last week it either decided that I needed a spontaneous reboot - usually at a delicate time Post editing-wise - or, more and more frequently, just froze altogether and only a forcible disconnect would free it again. It really couldn't have chosen a worse time to deliver the final blow. Enabling The Post to go live involves a fair amount of swapping from one file to another and one folder to another. Last Thursday I had to reboot at least 5 times to put it all online and then dash off to catch my plane. So I did what I thought was the sensible thing and closed it down for a complete rest whilst I was away. I don't know if this exacerbated the problem because, on my return, it acerbically informed me that it was unceremoniously - and without any argument - dumping a whole section of files and programs.

Oh joy! What does it dump? Apparently the whole of 'my documents' section plus email client. Never mind, I thought, I have most of this stuff backed up and I can still access those files. Pah! It refuses to recognise the extensions for the email address book and folders... After much jiggling I admit defeat and mark it down for a complete disc wipe and reinstall. Luckily I do have access to another internet-linked computer here (thanks TM) and webmail plus the saved files transferred easily from their disc but I may well have lost some correspondance in the interim. So apologies if you sent an article in and it hasn't appeared in this issue. It would be very helpful if Post contributors drop me an email so that I can make doubly sure that I have their up-to-date address.

Despite this hiccup in the smooth running of The Post - and the absence of the much-missed Greebo who is, I hope, settling in to her new lair - we still seem to have cobbled together a great edition. So I'll cut the griping and let you get on and read it!






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