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<<This isn't really my page, but someone else will

have to take it over. If they haven't 'disabled' this function, you
can get the code by going to



Technoyokel started it all, with a simple
post off the
Ask h2g2 page. Can the h2g2 researchers
write their very own novel? Or, in her words:

O.K. what about writing a story through the forums - I know
someone's tried the 6th HHGTTG book but can't we be original and
do our own stories?

And A story was born. Some argued that it went
nowhere. Some argued that the multiple twists and characters
is what bestowed its Charm. Some said
would fade away, but after a while, when loading the thing
threatened to crash the time-space continuum, Chapter
was born, and then

Some tried to kill it, but it kept coming back to life. The
writers decided to give it a place of its own to live, and this page,
through a rather drawn-out
came to exist. Chapter 4, or Book Two, or The Next Storyteller
Project will hopefully hang from here, to clear Ask h2g2 for more
serious questions, like
Who are


These positions are *ahem* Strictly Voluntary. I'd like to be
able to put a link in to everyone who has contributed to the stories
so far, but I'm afraid that would lead to a right margin longer than
the page. In compromise, anyone who would like a postion can post in

forum below and I'll get 'round to adding you as [my] time

Afgncaap5Cheif Instructor of Ancient and Original Manuscripts
And Newspapers! (CIAOMAN)
VakuumFiction Specialist
aPersonOfficial Shusher and Fine Collector1
Garius LupusAcquisitions Manager (since he thinks he can spell
it2 correctly)
SiguyGeneral Co-ordinator

Chief Sassy Robot Inspector


Truculent Gammy Influencers of Fate
NotsteveHead of Chiken (or Chicken)
Rickshaw SplatHead of Cabbage

Giver of Names to Otherwise Nameless Characters
IcarusCreator of Spontaneous Oddities

Choreographer Laureate
TechnoyokelOfficial Ghost
And our Creator
participation herein is free, so any fines will have to
be paid in fishies.
2So can I! 'I-T' spells it.

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