Well, I haven't been doing much on h2g2 for ages, and the times I did have a look, the site was temporatily down. When I heard about DNA dying (Aarrghh! Dead, Already! Most Sad. I'd go on about how terrible that is but everyone else has already done that, so I'll just be glad he got to use Mac OS X for a while), I checked h2g2 to see what was being said and discovered that I had to reactivate my account. That and the discovery that I can still enjoy the 'Classic GOO' skin got me interested again, although I hope I'm not going to be spending too much time here because I have a lot of assignments to do right now. Hmm, maybe that's more of a journal entry thing.

Anyway, if you want to know a bit about me, have a look at my homepages. I have websites for myself, for my Apples (three Macs and a Newton - although one of the Macs died of old age and the other was held for ransom and not recovered. Actually, that's a pretty exciting story, especially the part about how I got an iBook from Woz), my Mac software and ACRONYMS: A Crazy Roundup Of Nonsense You Must See. If you like wordplay, have a look at the ACRONYMS, they're really fun and even educational, and if you submit some of your own you could get on the hall of fame and/or honours list.

I suppose I should mention that I've read all five of the Hitch-hiker's books, I'm not sure when but it must have been before I was 16 (I'm nearly 21 now) because I remember writing a book review on them for 6th-form English. When the TV series began airing here in New Zealand I repeatedly forgot to watch it, and as usually seems to happen with TV programs I keep forgetting to watch, the two times I did remember I saw the same episode. It was the one with Slartybartfast. Actually maybe there are several episodes with Slartybartfast in. Well, this one would have been the first of such episodes. It had mice in it too, and I vaguely recall a wine glass. Oh, in case you're wondering, I've also read The Meaning of Liff and The Deeper Meaning of Liff. There's also a Guide entry called The Even Deeper Meaning of Liff (I can't remember where, exactly) which I've read. I'm thinking of acronymising all the Liff 'words'.


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