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Posted: 29th November 2007



The State of h2g2

Since I last spoke to you two weeks ago, this has become a very popular issue indeed. Not only have a number of Researchers started discussions in their own journals, our slanty Editors encouraged the community to discussion in a Talking Point called What Should We Do With h2g2?. In this week's Post, you'll also find an unusually high amount of site-themed commentary, poetry and general goodies.

What should we do with h2g2? It's an important question, and sets off a whole host of others. What purpose does this site serve to the BBC? What purpose does it serve to us, its Researchers? Can h2g2 hope to keep up to other, more technically advanced sites? Why have so many long-standing Researchers left in the past year, and why has it taken a gargantuan effort to revive even a trickle in Peer Review? It's fairly clear that h2g2 can't go on the way it is in order to survive another eight years — but opinions are most definitely divided on what direction it should take. But h2g2 is our community: just as we'd take an interest in the goings-on of our town council or propositions to develop and urbanise our town, we should take an interest in what we want for our virtual home and policies that could be enacted within it. That aforementioned Talking Point may not be on the Front Page any longer, but it's still very much active. Head over and have your say, post it here on the bottom of this page, take it over to my Personal Space — I don't care where you put it (except maybe not Peer Review), but make sure you're taking an active interest in what happens to your community.

In other (still rather important) news, next Thursday is a big day for us: it's The Post's eighth birthday! Our baby's getting to be quite a big magazine, and in honour of the occasion, we've decided to move our publication schedule up a week. All our regular contributors should know this, but if you're not a usual writer you've still got a few days to provide us with material for next Thursday, 6 December, The Post's eighth birthday issue. If you've never submitted anything to The Post before, or you're an infrequent contributor, please rethink your silence, as we'd love to have as much as possible with which to celebrate in style! We're even willing to be lenient with our deadline on account of the short notice — so if you can get copy in to the Post Box by Monday or Tuesday, it will still appear in the birthday issue.

So remember: read, talk and contribute! We want to hear all your voices writing for The Post, commenting on h2g2's future, and being supportive to the many writers of different kinds to whom h2g2 plays host. Thank you as always, and please enjoy this edition of The Post!
















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