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Should we blame the government?

Should we blame the fire

Or the Doctors who allowed him to expire?


'Blame Canada', South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Parents have always blamed their children's behaviour on other influences: They've complained about videogames that depict violence; rock 'n' roll music that encourages rebellion; comic books that promoted a celebration of the individual; and quite possibly cave drawings that showed their uncle being gouged by a sabre-tooth tiger.

But should parents really be looking closer to home? How much should a parent be held responsible for the behaviour of their children? How much can they be?

  • Are parents totally to blame for unruly children?

  • Can you remember if you told your parents everything you did as a child?

  • Do you think your children keep things from you? How does that make you feel?

  • At what age can we say that a child is fully aware of the consequences of their actions? And what age should we be able to expect the same from an adult?

  • Who has the greater influence over a child's morals - their family, their teachers, their friends or their pop idols?

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