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Val( Patron Saint Of Chorley )

I think it all depends on how kids are brought up, but there are exceptions.
You can`t blame it on single parents, i work with one and her 2 kids are well balanced, well adjusted nice kids.They are a credit to her and i`ve told her.
I`ve seen kids from a 2 parent background who behavour leaves a lot to be desired and whose parents never think that their little darlings could do anything bad and challenge anyone who dares to suggest it.These kids get all the latest toys,games and clothes but what they don`t get is quality time with their parents, just to sit and chat about anything and everything.That to me is the most important thing you can give your child.
I`ve also met parents whose child has really bad behavoural problems, and no i don`t think you can blame them, you can sympathise with them though.
And then you get Kids having Kids, who can`t possibly know how to raise a child when they`re still kids themselves.
I also happen to think that all the processed food , fast food accounts for a lot of the problems today - when i was younger,we had fresh veg,fruit etc and there was`nt all these `special schools` that are around today.

Good question this

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The variety of schools could also be from the advent of modern psychology.

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