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The Ultimate Responsibility.

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The onus is definately on the parents to ensure their children grow up to be responsible and respectful adults.

You can witness daily parents who shout, swear and generally lead by their example which makes you realise just how lucky most of us are at having had decent parents.

What are the parents of young Johnny doing while he's stood on a street corner, shouting abuse at passers by and generally being a nuisance. Well I'll tell you, they're playing dominoes at the Dog and Duck, getting drunk, which will inevitably lead to a fight and them being thrown out by the bouncers.

'Johnny who? I don't know a Johnny.' 'Nuff said.

The Ultimate Responsibility.

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For the parents of the street corner kids it seems to be "Idon't care as long as the little B4$74rd isn't here bothering me/us".

I think that some kind of youth clubs, like there were when I was in my teens would help to aleviate the bordom that leads to mindless acts of vandalism and violence.

The Ultimate Responsibility.

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The thing is these kids just aren't interested in youth clubs. People say, 'Well there's nothing for them to do.' What a load of dunnage, there's plenty for them to do, it's just that they can't be arsed to do it.

What's up with going round to mates' houses or staying in even. Don't any of them have a playstation? That's the parents again you see they'd rather kick them onto the streets and out of their hair.

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