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The h2g2
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Yep, it's all coming together. Sort of. When this is finished it should be pretty good. I hope. Wibble.

The h2g2 London Thing is a sort of directory of useful London-related stuff available of h2g2. There's not all that much to it so far, but it's a start. For more information, click here.

The Links Page

The h2g2 London Thing Links Page is a tidy little list of all the London-related Edited Entries on h2g2, including London's areas, eateries, pubs, entertainment venues, landmarks, history and travel systems. If there's anything missing, please let me know and I'll add it.

That There Badge

Kinda nifty, ain't it? If you're after one, just have a look here. Terns and conditioners apply.


Just in case you ever need one, here's a list of the squares on a London Monopoly board.

Recent London Meets

Nothing to do with me, but since you asked so nicely - click on the dates for the Meet pages, and on the Post smiley for the Post Meet Report.

Click here to go to the full list of past London Meets.

My Neck Of The Woods

I myself am familiar with the Finsbury Park area, so I'll put that down *scribble scribble* but I'm not the only one familiar with London...

  • AlexAshman - Finsbury Park, Holloway Road, Kentish Town.

  • Aries - Isle of Dogs, Canary Wharf, the DLR and bits and pieces of the City.

  • Choleric Sanguine - The City and some other bits.

  • Roymondo - various chunks and smiley - bus routes.

  • The_Jon_m - the East End, City, Holborn and Finchley.

  • Mazin' MadFiddler - West, Southwest and Central London, particularly travel routes and tourist sites.

  • Reddyfreddy - Docklands, The Isle of Dogs, and Canary Wharf. Specialist subject - the Docklands Light Railway.

  • Wilma Neanderthal - Richmond, Wimbledon, Kingston, Roehampton, Sheen, Mortlake and Barnes.

Anyone else know a part of London quite well? If so, leave a note at the bottom and I'll add you to the list.

Other London-related pages on h2g2

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