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H2G2 Mornington Crescent Appreciation Society

The Hackney Cab Precedent of 1843

This society is dedicated to the peacefull pursuit of Mornington Crescent here to be known as The Game. A game whose roots can be traced to pre Roman times. The society welcomes new members but in order to become a member, the applicant must observe the rules of conduct and must have a clear understanding of the rules of the game.

Rules of Conduct

    You don't talk about Mornington Crescent. The rules are very complex and subject to addition at very little notice. If you try to give a quick run down, you're only going to confuse people.

    You will not play Mornington Crescent for money. Those of us who understand the rules of this game will also understand why this rule is critical to avoid unexepected outbreaks of stropps, eggs, humps and of course jail.

    You will conduct yourself in an orderly manner whilst playing the game. There is nothing worse than a disorderly Mornington Crescent player (See the Rushton / Garden incident of 1976).

House Rules and Varients

There are many varients and rules that can be invoked and deployed during a game. Here is a list of the varient rules that are always in play unless otherwise stated.

    Rule Amendments

      Euston clauses
      Victoria clauses
      Northern Line rule
      Incorporating Options
      Swedish Inversion Rule
      three time loop jump
      Livinstone Itergrated Transport rules 2002c
      German Lateral rules
      War Provision Rationing Rules of 1942
      arrow pinoche varient of Euston Rule
      Two hour Challenge
      Definitely no Worple Financial Index
      Reverse bidding
      Osmonds ruling of 1975
      1999 Red Ken versus The People ruling
      East Anglian advantage
      Rule 221b


      Cobblethorpes 1960 Beeching execution variant
      The Larch 1986 variant


      Slip Routes
      Bidermeyers slip
      Napoleon manoeuvre
      Ruislip triumvirate
      Snape's Drift
      Heathrow Terminal 4 Move


      Get Out Of Kilburn Free card
      Blue Chips
      Green Chips
      five pounds
      Victoria line bonus

    Banned Rules and Varients

      The 1833 Half Scrotum

Please refer to the latest MornC approved Underground Map for station details.

Members List

This is a list of all the people who have successfully joined the H2G2 Mornington Crescent Appreciation Society. They have agreed to its rules of conduct and are well versed with at least the basic rules. In joining this society, they have earned the right to add MornC after their name if they so wish.

    Moonglum Clampflower
    The Snockerty Friddle
    Norton II
    Uncle 'Indiana' Heavy
    Demon Drawer
    MinaAlex A
    2 Legs
    Sentient Cabbage
    French Bean
    Santragenius V
    FloridaSailor - wereshark

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