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This page contains the archive for the Running with Scissors articles

written by Quizzical which have appeared in The Post.

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 Column Subjects
03.04.03 Fun with Dental Work
10.04.03 Disease and Dinosaurs
17.04.03 The Cruelest Month
24.04.03 Dark Matters
01.05.03 The Rites of Spring
08.05.03 Fitness (Ha!)
15.05.03 'Round and 'Round We Go
22.05.03 Recreational Improbabilities
29.05.03 Animals Behaving Badly
12.06.03 Cleanliness is Next to ...
19.06.03 Midsummer Night Musing
03.07.03 The Earthlings Are Coming!
10.07.03 Food for Thought
17.07.03 Brain Freeze
24.07.03 What to Wear?
31.07.03 Meanwhile Back in the Trees...
07.08.03 Doggone
14.08.03 In Praise of Nothing
21.08.03 Harry Potter and the Disgruntled Writer
04.09.03 In the Shadow of Mars
11.09.03 Fishy
18.09.03 Large People Having Fun
25.09.03 Bugged
02.10.03 Colourful Gals
09.10.03 Weighty Matters
16.10.03 Batty
30.10.03 Masks
06.11.03 A Brief but Noisy History of the Universe, and Other Fireworks
13.11.03 My Mother's Stories
20.11.03 Love, Death and Eating Dangerously
27.11.03 Giving Thanks
04.12.03 Let Them Eat Cake
11.12.03 Holiday Gift Guide
18.12.03 Christmas Light
08.01.04 Someone to Worry Over Me
29.01.04 Green Eggs and Spam
29.01.04 Pirates of the (Cyber)Caribbean
05.02.04 Snow Route
12.02.04 Sweets For Your Sweet
19.02.04 Stupid Human Tricks
26.02.04 200
04.03.04 Nuts
11.03.04 Not Now, I'm Busy
18.03.04 Of Buzzards and Easter Baskets
25.03.04 Work is a Four-Letter Word
01.04.04 Cows on the Lam
20.05.04 Weddings and Other Disasters
10.06.04 If Hogwarts Had a Web Site
17.06.04 The Great Communicator and The Father of Soul
24.06.04 The Fat Lady Ain't Singing
01.07.04 And Now for the News
08.07.04 No Bull
15.07.04 Chills for a Summer Day
29.07.04 Of Dudes and Geeks
05.08.04 And Now, CNN Presents the News (Honk)
12.08.04 Elvis is Everywhere
19.08.04 The Dinosaur in the Living Room
26.08.04 Equal
02.09.04 Hot Air and Chicken
09.09.04 Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk
16.09.04 Aaaarrrrrrr!
23.09.04 Ask Maisie (Advice for Chickens)
30.09.04 100% News, No Bull
07.10.04 Another Step for Mankind
14.10.04 Harry Potter and the Battling Politicians
21.10.04 Ask Your Doctor!
28.10.04 Fang Shui, or Housekeeping for the Undead
04.11.04 The Feast of All Souls
18.11.04 The 'Has the World Gone Mad?' Issue
25.11.04 'Over the River': A Modern Version
02.12.04 In Praise of Writers
09.12.04 Your HooToo Holiday Gift Guide
16.12.04 Holiday Greetings
03.02.05 The Winter of our Discontent
10.02.05 Cold Case
17.02.05 Another Giant Step?
03.03.05 Play Ethic
10.03.05 Rx: Run for Your Life
17.03.05 Figure Skating's New Judging System
24.03.05 More Clowning Around
07.04.05 'Picasso Head' and Other Confusions
21.04.05 And Now for a Change of Pace
28.04.05 Living Below Your Means, Part 1
05.05.05 Living Below Your Means, Part 2
12.05.05 Living Below Your Means, Part 3
26.05.05 Living Below Your Means, Part 4
02.06.05 Living Below Your Means, Lease vs Own
09.06.05 Living Below Your Means, Overcoming Debt
23.06.05 Living Below Your Means, Taking Stock
07.07.05 Living Below Your Means, Understanding Inflation
21.07.05 Struggling to Understand Those Who Hate
01.09.05 Nuns in the News
13.10.05 Under the Bed with Animals on My Head
27.10.05 Dork-Busters
10.11.05 Wild Life
12.01.06 Meanwhile at the Local Board of Education...
26.01.06 Now That January Is Mostly Over...
09.02.06 Groundhogwash

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