Cogito Ergo Doleo

Censorship and the Story of the Oppression of I and I ®

Noam Chomsky Says...

Man fi den seh all kinda ting 'bout dem John Lesley-man. Man seh fi ow much im a great entertainer an ah great presenter an all dat, but di censor, he come along an e' curtail me free speech an all dat. He seh, Reverend, you gotta stop your cursin' an ah 'ollering an all, fi you no fit in wit' our way ah spek.

'Tis hus like di great prophet ah say fi many moon ago. Marcus Garvey ah prophesised that I and I shall not be allowed to say what dem shall ah sought, an fram all ah dat can man a see de oppression an depression an circumvention an dehabilitation an desyncopation of I and I ah Tribe a Lions.

Peace to all dem battymen, cut out dem batty business an a boom bye bye from Holy Goat!


Chick-chickety Check Yourself Before You Reck Yourself, Cos' I'm Bad For Your Health, I Come Real Stealth...

Please release I and I from these ties that bind. I have pleaded with the lawmakers and the lawshakers for the freedom to walk these streets without these chains on me feets but all to no avail. Break the bond tht leaves me bound to suffer in the space between tranquility and suff'rin. Oh mighty Leviathan, make your decision soon 'cos my feet are blistered and I am feeling tired and weary and just want to kick back with mi roast fish and corn bread but for a few days until I and I must give sermon atop Mount Grace.

Peaceful decision maker, now is the time for jurisprudence, wisdom and forthright forgiveness. I and I shall not be offend. I and I shall with open arms welcome back his Eminence and his Holiness and his Graciousness with plenty'a sweetmeats.

"When the dust settles, I am but a vicar with a limp. I forgive your behaviour, but can you forgive yourself?"
1Rt. Rev. Hannibal Smiley


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