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tick tock tick tock - time is passing

The hands on the clock are a turning and my messages from many, many moons ago are still not visible.

It's a shame, it really is. I lovingly crafted these responses to other people, who in turn sat expectantly like pregnant rats, waiting to read them but still the sands of time pass and they get the same message:

This Posting is currently queued for moderation, and will be visible as soon as a member of our Moderation Team has approved it (assuming it doesn't contravene the House Rules). The Researcher who posted it is currently being pre-moderated, so all new Postings they make must be checked before they become visible.

You can find out more about moderation on h2g2 here

I am not a one-legged, one-armed, one-eyed Saudi tyrant as some would have you believe. I am but a humble vicar from Lincolnshire. Please let me have my voice back. Please. Pretty please. That woud be so good.

I hope to have an e-mail when I return home that tells me a little more about my current predicament. I also hope to read this article befor Sunday.

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tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock

"Hey Mister President, listen to me-a-eeee..."

When are you going to stop moderating every sodding word I write? It is getting so utterly tedious.

Please could whoever monitors the content of this pass it on. I was under the impression my case was being considered, but this has been going on for ages.

I was told to e-mail in any such messages, but, as I have made clear, I deleted the e-mails as I got them due to a crowded account and am therefore unable to e-mail in my protestations.

At the very least could somebody tell me what exactly is going on? While I understand the reason for being put under pre-moderation, I have made it clear that I am sincerely sorry for breaking the rules and that I will be a good boy in the future, but nothing seems to have been done about it.

Please, please will you help me! All other routes have been exhausted and I have received no adequate answers to my questions.

Rt. Rev. Lesley Gentle

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The Queen Mother - The Truth

1) The Queen Mother was buried in a cape made from the hair on Giant Panda's Eyelids.
2) The Queen Mother refused to wear any shoes for 6 years once because she was told she wasn't allowed to maim cockney orphans at Great Ormand Street.
3) The Queen Mother once played Peter Pan in pantomime in Sidcup.
4) The Queen Mother once rewrote JM Barrie's Peter Pan so that the Peter Pan was a bitter old fascist, drunk to the eyeballs on gin who never grows up because he doesn't have to do a day's hard work in his lifetime.
5) The Queen Mother once choked on a fish bone dislodging a fully preserved dodo she swallowed alive as a 20 year old, preserved in the alcohol flowing through her veins it shortly before marrying Henry VIII.

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More Censorship In The Afternoon

Having removed my spurious claim that the Queen Mother was nasty and the comparison of her to a female sexual swear word, yet again I find these fascists are up to their old tricks again. I'm wise to them though.

I would like my introduction piece returned in all splendour as It contains nothing offensive, rascist, illegal, sexist, sizist, ageist or rapist. It does contain some poor spelling and the use of so solid speak, you get me? But that is not against the little rule book.

The behaviour of the censor is that of a pedantic, unworldly, humourless fool. Probably sacked from Starbucks for poor hygiene and rejected by McDonalds for being too much of a pleb by their stupifyingly low standards.

I would also like to take this opportunity to reitterate that the Queen Mother is neither a nasty old lady or a c**t. She is a dead pensioner who never did a days work in her 164 year long life.

smiley - peacesign

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Another day...

Been out to get some clean syringes this morning. Feeling a little bit different today, I have the tingles in my stomach as I get more and more excited about having a hit this morning. It's going to be an unusual New Years Eve, I'll say that much. I may watch the Hootenanny and have a toot at the same time, I'll have to check out who is on it this year.

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