Greetings from a Humble Leather Chicken

So, why go almost a year without having a proper intro? Well, as other Hootooers know, I flit an awful lot between conversations, so you can see my organisation is…well, more Zaphod than Trillian, more Golgafrincham (sp?) than Vogon. Let’s start from the very beginning: People of Hootoo, your attention please…


My first memory of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is, happily, from Radio 4 at my Grandad’s. He always had the radio on, but just this once the program caught my imagination. I didn’t have a clue what was going on, but the important thing was, it sounded exciting! A spaceship being attacked by missiles from a non-existent planet...a bowl of petunias (?) and …a Sperm Whale! However, at the very first mention of “sperm” I decided that good girls don’t listen to this sort of thing, and immediately pegged it out of the room.

So went my first brief fling with Douglas Adams, but it seemed we couldn’t keep away from each other. Much later on, as I started my small obsession with fantasy and sci-fi, I made the connection between the famous series and the chaotic events heard on the radio. I bought the first series on CD and stayed in my room, savouring each episode just as my uncle had apparently done before me, when the voices of Peter Jones and co. would capture the hearts and minds of hidden late-night listeners everywhere.Characters from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

After reading the books and hearing the remainder of the available radio series, my third Galactic revelation came upon buying The Salmon of Doubt. I discovered that DNA seemed a really nice guy. Simply that, really. A wonderfully intelligent, imaginative, funny man with his heart in the right place and his head in an AppleMac.

In fact, what pleased me most about the film was that, yeah there were changes, but the writer made them himself. And, true to his life’s ambitions, it promoted care of the planet and nature, so the dedication was really fulfilled: the film was for Douglas Adams.

But a few months previously, arguably the best thing out of all this appeared…Hootoo. The Salmon of Doubt had made reference to a website Douglas had set up, a terrestrial version of his own extremely helpful creation. H2G2 was where you could find random information and chat sci-fi ‘til your heart’s content. So here we are. I’m as happy as Colin, but not quite as happy as a lift to be here.

Douglas Adams vs Terry Pratchett Now now boys, don't fight over me...

A little topic Drift to make you feel at home

I thought you'd all like to meet my mate Death. He can be very entertaining!He's always smiling, always there when you need him and has a soft spot for cats. this is my favourite photo of him, preparing for the day ahead and reading his schedule at breakfast. This is not a sign of my depressed state of mind, but a tribute to the wonderful genius of Terry Pratchett

Death browses the Obituaries pageReaper Man

Alas! Earwax!Nitwit! Blubber!Oddment! Tweak!

The h2g2 Language Thing - Members' Badge If you want to talk to me, i'll probably be in or hanging outside The Language Thing, so come and join in! There's translations if you think you're too much of a novice, so don't fret;-)We don't bite... ok, maybe Malabarista1, but i think her anger is mainly targeted at a certain leather chicken...2
My other favourite haunt is ..well.. is several spaces in the warped world of P-Space. Curious? Check out the froggie badge (kissing amphibians not actually advised) Ich bin eine Froschforscherin!
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Frogs are for Friendship,
not Food or Franchising!

1Mal is usually very nice and I have no wish to slander one of my best Hootoo friends. However, for the chickens among us, a towel is advisable, particularly at Full Moon2What does it mean to be a Leather Chicken?


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