Talking Point: How Did You Discover the HHGTTG?

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'Six pints of bitter,' said Ford Prefect to the barman of the Horse and Groom. 'And quickly please, the world's about to end.'
- Douglas Adams The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

8 March, 2003 is the 25th Anniversary of the radio series of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. BBC7 are celebrating with a Hitchiker's theme night. Catch the 'So Long and Thanks for all the Fish' themed event on Sunday 2 March at 8am and 9pm.

To mark this great event we are holding a two week Hitchhiker's Talking Point extravaganza. This week we want to hear from you about how you discovered this remarkable story.

  • Did you pick up the book in a book shop?

  • Or did you turn on the radio one day in time to hear the Vogons destroy the earth?

  • Does the television series occupy a special place in your heart?

  • Do you recommend it to your friends?

  • Or are you like Ashley and have never read the books, listened to the radio series or seen the television version?

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