A Conversation for Talking Point: How Did You Discover the HHGTTG?

Douglas Adams

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Researcher 221359

In response to the question on how I cam across his book, my teachers introduced them to me ten years ago. I picked up one book after another and finished about 4 titles in a month.
Surprised to see is title featured here as h2g2!

Pick it up if u have not. u'll enjoy it. It's hilarious!

Douglas Adams

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Doc Jitter

I guess I heard so much about this Hitchhiker thing that I finally bought myself a copy. I never quite lost contact ever since ...

Douglas Adams

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cosmopolitan snowflake

Actually a friend of my best friend's little brother gave it to me, because at that time I was about the only one in my circle of friends who hadn't read them. That was about 15 years ago.

I was fascinated with these books ever since. I also saw Douglas Adams at a reading of Last of their kind, which was very exciting. Shortly before his death I had started to reread all of his books, at that time I also found out about h2g2 here.

The hitchhikers guide was so well known in my school and among my friends that I find it very strange now to meet people who have no clue, how important it is to always take a towels with you or what 42 stands for. I wonder if kids are still reading the books? I hope they do, otherwise they would miss quite a lot.

I have never heard the radio show or watches the TV series, though. Somehow I always missed them.

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