A Conversation for The Mother of All Gooses

The Ticket Stall

Post 1

Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

If you want to watch and heckle a bit, you can get your ticket here. It's a free show, but you must post here so that we know what's what. You can use your regular H2G2 identity if you're a member of the audience.

You'll find it a bit like attending a track and field event, mind you. There are several locations where things may be taking place, although the main body of action should be at the gingerbread house.

The Ticket Stall

Post 2

Amy the Ant - High Manzanilla of the Church of the Stuffed Olive

*a large apparently self-propelled container of popcorn makes its way to a seat*

smiley - popcorn
smiley - ant

smiley - boingsmiley - boing

The Ticket Stall

Post 3

Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

*purchases her ticket, a big bag of red licorice and a cherry coke, and sits down next to Amy*

The Ticket Stall

Post 4

Fadookie the Froody- Veggie [email protected]

*gets his stub torn and grabs a smiley - donut, smiley - popcorn, and a smiley - bubbly, and sits down next to amy*
Ooh, can't wait smiley - biggrin

*Munches smiley - popcorn*

-FTFsmiley - whistle

The Ticket Stall

Post 5

Titania (gone for lunch)

smiley - run Am I in time? Am I in time?

*digs in pocket for smiley - 2cents and buys a ticket*

*looks around and then chooses a seat as far away as possible from everyone else in a typically Swedish manner*

The Ticket Stall

Post 6

Witty Moniker

*Enters carrying a smiley - hotdog and an smiley - ale, looks around for a good place to sit.

Plops down right next to Titania. smiley - winkeye*

Hiya! Can't wait 'til it starts! Why-ya sittin' all the way over here? Is this the best spot?

The Ticket Stall

Post 7


*finds he knows the ticketmaster, smiles smuggly and walks to his seat with a free ticket*

smiley - popcornsmiley - oj

The Ticket Stall

Post 8

Fadookie the Froody- Veggie [email protected]

*Places a "Gone Divin' " Sign on his seat and whispers to amy to save it. Then smiley - zooms off to Curacao for a week...*

The Ticket Stall

Post 9


One ticket for a luxury seat place smiley - smiley

*makes her way to the auditorium and takes her seat, opens her box of Quality Street and starts to take all the wraps off so that she doesn't disturb her neighbours' concentration by rustling during quiet moments. Of course, all the wraps are placed neatly in rubbish in one of her interdimensional pockets*

Oooooh, I'm so looking forward to this!

The Ticket Stall

Post 10

Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm from Betelgeuse (aka B4[insertpunhere])

:: A rather haggard young man comes dashing through the doorway, his long coat open and scarf fluttering, and skids to a stop before the Ticket Stall. He rummages through several pockets in search of something important and finally produces a shining golden ticket, handing it to the person at the counter. ::

By special invitation! Whew! I didn't think I'd make it! Has the Show started yet?

:: He steps quickly into the seating area, scanning the crowd already gathered to see if he recognizes anyone. He waves at Caerwynn, Sporky, WM, and Fadookie (whom he only knows by occasional posts). Edging past a few seats, he heads down a row and plops down beside Lil. ::

Fadookie! Amy! Hi there. And Lil! Oh my, this is such a pleasure! Thanks for the opportunity to come see this. I just got in from Heathrow--the flight was SO Fast!--so I'm just a bit joggled. Good to see all of you. Has it started yet?

smiley - coolB4thePantostartssmiley - biggrin

The Ticket Stall

Post 11

dElaphant (and Zeppo his dog (and Gummo, Zeppos dog)) - Left my apostrophes at the BBC

/* Idles near the entrance, then when he is sure that no one is looking, removes the "No Dogs Allowed" sign and slips it under his coat. */

Two tickets please.

smiley - spacesmiley - mistletoe
smiley - dog

The Ticket Stall

Post 12

Purr in Boots

Oh, excuse me for just a moment, Lil; I forgot to get some snacks as I came in. Never can tell about these Pantomimes, eh? Could turn out to be an "audience participation" sort of thing, kinda like 'Rocky Horror Picture Show', and I want to be ready.

:: He stands, hesitates for a second, then unslings a worn leather satchel from his shoulder, placing it in his seat to 'save the spot'. If anyone were even the least bit curious, the latch has come open revealing several dog-eared manuscripts and a laptop in its own slipcase, with the words 'Don't Panic' in large friendly letters on the cover. ::

smiley - coolB4imissthe1stactsmiley - biggrin

The Ticket Stall

Post 13

Amy the Ant - High Manzanilla of the Church of the Stuffed Olive

*smiley - laughs her socks off*

The Ticket Stall

Post 14

Chris Tonks

*Comes in and gets his ticket.*
*Finds a nice quiet row, and sits down.*
*Teleports himself some popcorn. It looks normal, but has been specially engineered so's not to make any noise when handled or eaten.*
*Looks around and waves to people he knows.*

The Ticket Stall

Post 15

Purr in Boots

:: On his way to the Lobby, B4 passes a dog and his companion, does a double-take, turns and steps back before them. ::

Howdy, you two! :: Leans down and pets the dog on the head and scratches behind the ears. :: I'm guessing if this is Zeppo... :: looks up :: ...you must be d'E. Hey, there! Glad to meet you both. See ya in the 'good seats'? Lil, Amy (I think that was her under a large popcorn box), and Fadookie are down there together. Some of the other 'irregular regulars' are hanging out already, too. 'Scuse me while I get snacks-- Man! I hate showing up this close to curtaian...

:: He sprints towards the Lobby, gets his scarf tangled on a door handle and twirls out of it like a yo-yo gone mad, then recovers himself (and the scarf) and steps into the Lobby. ::

The Ticket Stall

Post 16

Purr in Boots

:: A few minutes later, B4 returns to his seat by Lil, balancing a number of bizarre items above and beyond just the popcorn and drinks. He's holding a steering wheel (not anywhere near attached to a car), today's London Times (spread out across the steering wheel to help support all the other junk), a deck of playing cards, half a loaf of toast bread, a squirt bottle filled with water, a box of Joo-Joo Bees, a bag of caramels, a dozen lollipops, a pinata, and a fork. He discreetly stows all the gear under his seat and between his feet, then looks over to Lil and crew. He grins, looks down with a start, and picks something(s) off the floor. ::

Um... Amy, would these be your multiple miniscule socks on the floor? Here ya go...

smiley - coolB4anycommotionsmiley - biggrin

The Ticket Stall

Post 17

Amy the Ant - High Manzanilla of the Church of the Stuffed Olive

Thank you. Are those your own teeth? And you appear to be a little more furry than I remember.

*puts her socks back on*

In the Theatre

Post 18

The Stage Manager

*standing at the back of the theatre, the stage manager clears his throat*

Ah, ahem, researchers, please remember that if you are participating in the pantomime you should only use your character IN the pantomime. You are supposed to be disguised. The management recommends using a different kind of skin when going under an alternate name to help you maintain the distinction.

If you should accidentally unmask yourself, it is up to you, of course, whether you wish to carry on, or whether you would rather jettison the compromised identity and start again. There is plenty of room in the cast for more characters.

Um, thank you.

*stands still for a moment, irresolute, then blinks and moves out to the lobby*

In the Theatre

Post 19


Anybody want a Quality Street?

*passes round the de-wrapped chocolate and toffee selections*

My fave is the chocolate brazils, but the triangular praline is rather nice too. Its a self refilling box, so help yourselves!

In the Theatre

Post 20


*walks in with a bottle of water and a medium popcorn*

*drops off a rawhide treat for Zeppo*

*Finds a seat in the back and relaxes for the show*

*Waves to everyone*


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