A Conversation for The Mother of All Gooses

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Post 101

Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

*looks at her watch*
Isn't there supposed to be a guest of honour and an awards ceremony?

The Lobby

Post 102

Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm from Betelgeuse (aka B4[insertpunhere])

smiley - erm
[B4 wanders back into the Lobby, still a bit preoccupied with making last-minute adjustments. He bumps into the Tailors, does a double-take, then chuckles under his breath.]

Howdy, Lil! Almost didn't recognize ya. This has been great fun! We're about to wind this up, right? After all, it's getting to be...

[He looks at his watch, and frowns. He takes a battered PDA out of his battered leather satchel, consults the calendar function, then grimaces. He walks to the entrance of the Theatre, opens the doors wide, steps out for a moment, looks up at the position of the stars, then shambles back into the Lobby shaking his head in dismay.]

You know, at this rate of posting, we may just have to send the actors right back out on the Stage for the up-coming Holiday Panto. smiley - biggrin I bet some of them haven't even made time to get out of their costumes yet. Hmmm... Have you considered a "virtual" Awards Ceremony? You know, you just kind of post all the stuff at once, without waiting for the individual posts, and just press on to a conclusion... Ah, heck! That'd be "bad form", wouldn't it? >sigh< Well, I'll just mill about over here. Maybe that big lummox of a Bouncer cum Concessionaire still has a smiley - stout or two left on the tap...

[He looks over his shoulder after his first couple of steps, and hollers back...]
smiley - yawn
Do you want me to bring something back for you, too?!
smiley - winkeye

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Post 103

Mary and her full-grown <sheep>

*Glances at her watch. Taps her toe.*

smiley - sheep <-- twiddles his hooves

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Post 104


It as almost the start of the new pantomime season. Bonnie Langford is in our local one.

The Lobby

Post 105

East Clintwood

*a great bustle and murmuring suddenly begins at the entrance to the theatre*

*a swarm of bodyguards enter and take up positions*

*East Clintwood strolls in, squinting and smiling*

Sorry I'm late, folks. I had a meeting with some producers. *looks around, superbly concealing his reaction at the site of the actors and audience before him*

You all ready for me to hand out the awards? *pulls a stack of small envelopes from his suit pocket* The Stage Manager gave me these paychecks, too.

The Lobby

Post 106

Humpty Dumpty (and Chicken Little, his chicken)

Who's that? Who's got the money? I can't see a thing! Could somebody PLEASE cut some eyeholes in this pumpkin shell? You can't end the panto with me turned into a squash! It isn't fair! The chicken is supposed to be rescued! The chicken is ALWAYS rescued!

The Lobby

Post 107


*feels slightly overcome*

Is it really East Clintwood? Really him? Gosh....he's always been a hero of mine smiley - blush

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Post 108

East Clintwood

*A bodyguard exits the theatre seating area, goes up to Mr. Clintwood and whispers something*


Folks, I'll be heading over to F107682?thread=233519&post=4272858#p4272858 now to give the awards. And hand out the checks. Then I'll be back here for autographs.

*a detail of guards forms around him and he heads off in the direction of backstage*

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Post 109

Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

smiley - wow
*speechless, heads for the seats*

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Post 110

Pansy Ffing

About time too!

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Post 111

Titania (gone for lunch)

*picks up Ripley and smiley - runs after East Clintwood*

Is that really him?smiley - blush

The Lobby

Post 112


*smiley - runs after T*

I saw hime first..

The Lobby

Post 113

Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm from Betelgeuse (aka B4[insertpunhere])

smiley - yikes
[B4 quickly pays for the draught of smiley - stout, takes a gooldly pull on the brew to ensure it's below the rim of the mug before he starts walking, then heads toward the doors leading into the Theatre proper.]

Wow! East Clintwood! I have GOT to get his autograph!

[He begins to make a none-too-subtle bee-line through the throng of theatre-goers in an effort to move close to the Stage.]

Excuse me... Pardon me... Press! Let me through...
smiley - winkeye

The Lobby

Post 114

Robyn Bankes

*does her best to appear nonchalant*

I'm just coming!

*finishes her drink, picks up her swag bag and proceeds to the stage*

The Lobby

Post 115

A very LARGE Induhvidual

smiley - biggrin
LARGE: Lawst call, then, Ladies and Gentlemen for libations and epicurean delights before the Awawds Ceremony begins. Remember, all the delectables are grawtis of our esteemed Mawnager, but please do return the glawsses and flatware awfter you've partaken to your fill.

[He graces the whole room with a very kind, yet firm, sort of smile that seems to indicate that he would cheerfully retrieve any such items from anyone who ignored the gentle request.]

LARGE: Lights will be dimming momentarily, Madames et Monsieurs, so please watch your step down the aisles to your seats.
smiley - biggrin

The Lobby

Post 116


Oh dear, I do hope I won't be late for the ceremony... smiley - run

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