Christmas Crossword - Answers

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What the Dickens? It can only be the annual

Christmas Crossword - Answers

Answers to the Christmas Crossword


  • 1.) The Millennium Prayer was 1999's best-selling single and Christmas #2 and credited Jesus as the lyricist (3,10,6)

  • 14.) Band Aid say Africa is devoid of snow, growth, rain and rivers. (6)

  • 16.) Onion is used for stuffing often accompanied with sage. (5)

  • 18.) Things that emits light (including on trees) or glow are Luminous (8)

  • 21.) A Noise is a loud sound, the opposite of a silent night. (5)

  • 23.) Thirtyforth Street that's prone to miracles1. (6,5)

  • 25.) Father Christmas lives at the North Pole. (5,4)

  • 29.) You better watch out, you better Not cry. (3)

  • 31.) Edible birds are Fowl, both game and poultry, including turkeys. (4)

  • 32.) A&E is a hospital department (1&1)

  • 33.) According to Kermit, there's only one more sleep Til Christmas ('3)

  • 34.) Boxing Day is the day after Christmas. (6)

  • 37.) A nutcracker is a painted wooden Soldier. (7)

  • 38.) Rudolph's Nose was very shiny. (4)

  • 40.) Children used to sit on Father Christmas' Knee (4)

  • 41.) Run, run as fast as you can from Gingerbread. (11)

  • 43.) Blitzen is a lightning-quick reindeer, not an air raid. (7)

  • 46.) The RI (Royal Institution) is the organisation that has given Christmas lectures since 1825, televised since 1936. (2)

  • 47.) The animal noise a fireplace makes is a Roar. (4)

  • 48.) Russia celebrates Christmas on 7th January and Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost) brings presents on New Year's Day. (6)

  • 52.) The first No�l the angels did say. No�l Coward was born in December 1899. (4)

  • 54.) Ten lords a-leaping. (3)

  • 55.) Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol. (7)

  • 57.) Gifts are kept Under a Christmas tree, you kiss Under mistletoe (5)

  • 60.) Gabriel is the most famous Angel, often found on top of trees. (5)

  • 62.) The stranger spoke, he said 'do not fear, I come from a Planet a long way from here.' (6)

  • 65.) In the Meadow we can build a snowman and pretend that he is Parson Brown. (6)

  • 66.) Of all the trees that are in the wood the Holly bears the crown. (5)

  • 68.) Santa Claus Is Coming to Town when a Is child born. (2)

  • 69.) Ted is a popular name for a cuddly toy, particularly bear. (3)

  • 70.) Damson is a plum often used in gin and Christmas puddings. (6)

  • 72.) LadBaby loves Sausage Rolls; he has enjoyed Christmas number ones in their honour in 2018, 2019 and 2020. (7,5)

  • 74.) Greg Lake believed in Father Christmas. (4,4)

  • 76.) A Kettle makes a nice, hot cup of tea on Christmas morning. Probably why bright copper ones are favourite things in The Sound of Music, which is bound to be on over Christmas somewhen� (6)

  • 77.) Finland, including Lapland, is in the EU (2)

  • 78.) Good King Wenceslas was Duke of Bohemia murdered by his brother Boleslaus the Cruel in 935 and is remembered in a song about him walking on Boxing Day. (4,4,9)


  • 1.) O Tannenbaum how lovely are thy branches. (10)

  • 2.) ER is the Royal cypher seen on most British postboxes. (2)

  • 3.) People kiss beneath Mistletoe. According to Batman and Catwoman, this is deadly if you eat it but a kiss is deadlier if you mean it. (9)

  • 4.) Ice is cold, hard, solid water often found on the ground in winter. (3)

  • 5.) A Lamp is a light emitting home to genies. A lamppost is in Narnia. (4)

  • 6.) It's beginning to look a Lot like Christmas according to a bubble. (3)

  • 7.) The Norns (singular) are 3 Norse deities that shape the course of fate. (4)

  • 8.) Elton John #24 hit in 1973 'Step Into Christmas' (4).

  • 9.) A scarf worn in cold weather was called a Muffler. (7)

  • 10.) Inexplicably the first two letters of Sir Cliff Richard's surname. (2)

  • 11.) Male non-flying reindeer don't have Antlers in December. (7)

  • 12.) In Santa Claus: The Movie saying Yo makes reindeer fly. (2)

  • 13.) Archimedes said Eureka when having a bath. (6)

  • 15.) A Foot is the end of a leg often hidden beneath new socks. (4)

  • 17.) In Santa Claus the Movie BZ wants to create 'Christmas II' (2)

  • 18.) LY is an abbreviation for 'love you' found at the end of messages. (2)

  • 19.) The Mood is right the spirit's up we're here tonight and that's enough. (4)

  • 20.) Peter's present in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a Sword. (5)

  • 22.) An Iris is a coloured eye and flower type. (4)

  • 24.) Larger than rabbits, you can get Snowshoe, Arctic and Snow Hare. (4)

  • 26.) Not in that poor lowly stable with the Oxen standing by (4)

  • 27.) Horizontal fib we still see the little town of Bethlehem Lie. (3)

  • 28.) A model steam Engine circles Christmas trees. A Kringle 3000 jet Engine makes a sleigh fly in Elf. (6)

  • 30.) A Toga is a Roman garment Jesus is often portrayed as wearing. (4)

  • 35.) There is One partridge found in a pear tree. (3)

  • 36.) The kids in Girl and Boy Land will have a jubilee. (4)

  • 37.) Snowflake is an inexplicable insult popularised by Donald Trump to describe anyone who doesn't drink bleach when he tells them to. (9)

  • 39.) It came upon the midnight clear, that glorious song of Old (3)

  • 42.) Robert Burns was the fired Scottish poet who wrote Auld Lang Syne. (5)

  • 44.) In The bleak midwinter away In a manger. (2)

  • 45.) Jack Skellington's dog is Zero and there were Zero rooms in the inn (4)

  • 46.) Jamaican music style. Wonderful Christmastime's B-Side is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reggae (6)

  • 48.) Ra was Egypt's sun god. After being born Jesus was taken to Egypt (2)

  • 49.) Mamma in her kerchief and I in my cap were about to Settle down. (6)

  • 50.) 1976's Christmas #1 was Johnny Mathis' 'When A Child Is Born' (2)

  • 51.) Aladdin is the pantomime hero associated with lamps and carpets. (7)

  • 53.) When out on theLawn there rose such a clatter. (4)

  • 54.) TNT is the common name for explosive trinitrotoluene, widely used during the Great War except during the Christmas Truce. (3)

  • 56.) 'Let It Snow' is a song popularised by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin (3)

  • 58.) Be Near me, Lord Jesus, I ask Thee to stay. Faithful friends gather Near to us (4).

  • 59.) A Dame is a man on stage dressed as a woman. Oh yes he is! (4)

  • 61.) Win or Lose sink or swim one thing is certain we'll never give in. (4)

  • 63.) We're walking in the Air. (3)

  • 64.) Jesus is the child called Emmanuel whose birth is celebrated at Christmas. (5)

  • 66.) The stockings were Hung by the chimney with care. (4)

  • 67.) 1974's Christmas #2 was Bachman and 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet' (3)

  • 71.) Does your granny always tell you that the Old songs are the best? (3)

  • 72.) Ski - descend somewhere snowy with long, narrow planks on feet (3)

  • 73.) Knowledge generation is Gen. (3)

  • 74.) Go Tell it on the mountain. We won't Go until we get some. (2)

  • 75.) D�j� vu. Gone away is the bluebird here to stay is a new bird he sings a love song, as we Go along, walking in a winter wonderland. (2)
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