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Posted: 4th December 2023

This week's title is Words in Season. Clockwise from upper left: two horses grazing in a meadow, light streaming through trees in a forest, a giant sculpture of a head next to an outdoor cafe in a square, a crow in flight, Christmas baubles on a tree, two kittens on a plaid sofa, a horizon full of starlings over water at sunset, a windmill with sun and a blue sky behind it, and a cozy farmhouse interior with a rocking chair with a cushioned seat and colourful knit throw next to a blazing hearth and afternoon sunlight streaming through windows.

It's here: December. We have some seasonal stuff for you. (Send more, we can use it.) Just so you don't forget, there's a video compilation of images from holiday celebrations past. And some cozy stuff from the farm. Kitties make an appearance. There will be more kitties in the weeks to come. You don't like kitties? Why are you here?

Wildlife rears its head and flutters its wings. Willem tells about wildlife of yore. His stag moose is/was a stately creature. I'll bet Farmer Hoggett would be surprised if it came strolling past the back of the barn. That's where Farmer Hoggett does his deer hunting. So far, he's sat quietly back there in a lawn chair and bagged one with a single shot. Fifteen minutes of hunting=an impressive amount of venison. Don't worry: there are 1.5 million deer in Pennsylvania. Some of them have been sauntering down the street in front of the Post Office lately. I suspect they know about the no-hunting-in-town rule. Also: the gardens on our street are tasty to bambis. Not much left these days: they've already got all our fruit and ravaged our hosta. Besides, there's snow blowing around today, brr. The little new-hatched nuthatches are faring better: the bird feeder has been refilled. Support your local wildlife.

Sasha has a stunning photo of a crow. Paigetheoracle has a beautiful landscape (no, seriously, he does, miracles happen). I've got horses and a chipmunk, posing, plus, yes, kitties.

There are two pieces of fiction with space travel in. Count yourselves blessed.

I asked FWR to choose some of his favourite shots from his recent travels so that we could appreciate really good photography. He kindly obliged, but SuzyQed me and didn't include any captions or descriptions. As a result, the titles are based on random editorial impressions. This is just to let you know why they make no sense to anybody else. They aren't FWR's fault.

I'm never at my best during December. I don't like snow, or cold, or encroaching darkness. I was born in the subtropics. So you get less sense out of me than usual. At least, that's my excuse for the totally uncalled-for pun with which I have introduced Bluebottle's new graphic novel chapter. I'm sort of sorry, but not very, as at least one contributor this week has been snide about my failure to appreciate the English sense of humour. Pun or no pun, you're going to enjoy this new installment of the Isle of Wight saga: having dealt with the dinosaur, fashion mayhem, and a vampire outbreak, will our friends be able to survive the worst ordeal of all, namely the church fête? Tune in every week.

The videos are fun. The humour is tolerable. Yes, some of the artwork has been created with the 'help' of AI (or in spite of it).

Please read, comment, and share. And have I mentioned 'send Stuff'? If you make Christmas cookies, send a photo – AND the recipe, please! I'll help you google the conversions, promise. Have a great week.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week. What most people call "common sense" is a collection of misapprehensions, myths and prejudices.

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Woolly mammoth and offspring in a snowglobe.

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Stag Moose

Stag Moose by Willem.


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Windmills of Our Minds

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