Create January 2022: Disappointments and Unexpected Adventures

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Create January 2022: Disappointments and Unexpected Adventures

Create Challenge January 2022 by DG

What a great way to start a new year, right? Wait! Hear us out…

French singer, Edith Piaf famously sang 'Non, je ne regrette rien,' which for those not blessed with French means 'No, I regret nothing.' We know what she meant: despite everything, she remained undaunted. A brave approach. But we know better: lots of events in our lives are regrettable.

Few adults have had no failures or disappointments in their lives. Some of these are painful at the time. But they might make for good stories afterwards.

Did anybody let you down? Perhaps you accept a lift from a friend, only to find that his car runs out of petrol, and you have to push it half a mile up a hill. Or that promised lift to the airport turns out to be a disaster when the driver gets a speeding ticket. 'It wasn't funny at the time,' you usually protest to your laughing friends.

There are disappointments when something which you wanted turns out to
be less than wonderful. The holiday sounds lovely in the brochure, but
you find swimming pools closed and lifts not working. That 'dream job' sounded great on paper, but they forgot to tell you your new boss was wanted in four states…

Perhaps most interesting of all: there are disappointments when opportunities
are missed, but then you find new doors opening. You regret that you
missed a chance to go to college, but the job you blunder into leads
to trips to China. The show closed in Peoria, but you saw the most intriguing ad in the local paper…

Obviously, we are not asking to know about personal tragedies – we respect your privacy! But it you have a story filled with glitches, gaffes and clouds with silver linings? We'd really like to hear about it!

Tell us about your unexpected adventures!

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