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Posted: 31st October 2016

Nightmare on h2g2

Knight Squid to Mermaid Three.Be warned: you're going to see a lot of spooky things in this issue. And read a lot of scary tales. We and Create asked you to send in your 'strange but true' stories, and boy, did you ever. We've put the page stretchers on, and you've got a bumper issue to enjoy in between handing out the treats. We recommend a roaring fire and some hot cider while you get through this lot. Some of it will make you shiver.

Icy North found these weird sea creatures, locked in a titanic battle with huge, alien chess pieces. Let him tell you about it. He's also found a tree that might have given Merlin pause. Milla's dad dropped by the other day to tell the Post more about Swedish ghosts, and of course we're passing that on. Your Editor has a true-life ghost yarn from the mountains. FWR and Felonious Monk have sad and wistful tales to tell: they'll make you think. We've sneaked in some Halloween humour, and we'll even show you an allegedly real ghost photo. Those tabloids have nothing on us. You've seen our Instagram account by now: we expect to go viral with these. And if that's not enough spookiness for you, take the quiz. It's evil, it's dangerous (don't read it out loud), and it'll make you feel pretty intellectual. Sort of like the Hellfire Club.

Of course, we have a LOT of other things going on in this bumper issue. Willem's here to show us some puffins. Awix took our monthly theme literally, and is reviewing Dr Strange. I've got writing advice, as usual, and Icy North wants us to caption another odd photo. Galaxy Babe reminds us that November is coming soon (like, tomorrow), and we really want to catch up on the latest astronomy news and get our calendars in order for coming sidereal events.

Speaking of November and coming sidereal events. . . one, two, three: ARE YOU READY FOR NAJOPOMO? Of course you are. The Create page goes up today, so you can rush right over there and sign up for the November write-a-thon. You aren't writing? Then make notes of who is, and be sure to read, comment, add snark. . . the usual.

This year, just in case writing a daily journal entry wasn't challenging enough for you, the h2g2 Post has added an AltChallenge with help from Create. Okay, if you must know, it was the brainchild of our brilliant artist Freewayriding, who also obliged with a picture. 'Where Did the Thyme Go?' challenges you to tell of a Proustian moment in your life – you know, why smelling or tasting a particular food brings back a memory. We also want the recipe for said memory. Come on, you know you want to do this. Sort of the 'Eidetic Chef'. PR wants the recipes. We want the cool tales.

This issue's going to keep you busy, so get to work! Read, comment, and plan for 1 November, when you're going to be plunged into the frantic literary pace of NaJoPoMo. No, I don't know what the 'Na' stands for. I think it stands for 'National' as in 'h2g2 Nation', but then, I could be wrong. I frequently am. Maybe it stands for sodium, as in 'we are the salt of the internet'. No? Make up your own excuse – and your own journal series. This will be fun.

Oh, and don't get bitten by any zombies tonight! Have a great week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Atlantic puffins by Willem.
  • A lobster restaurant.



This material is not for the faint-hearted. You have been warned.
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