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Remember that picture? Milla took it while driving through Sweden at night with her dad, whom we will call Herr Barba for reasons best known to the management. A few weeks ago, Milla shared some spooky real-life ghost stories with us. Continuing our investigative reporting, the Post Editor then interviewed Herr Barba by the miracle of online communication. He verified one of Milla's stories, and shared an eerie tale of his own. The Post is grateful for these contributions to our worldwide paranormal knowledge.

More Swedish Ghosts

What are ghosts, anyway? Everyone who runs across these odd phenomena probably has a different opinion. We decided to ask our Milla's father, who is a trained engineer. He had some insights for us.

The road in front of Milla, somewhere in Sweden, at night.

Dmitri Gheorgheni: How was your trip yesterday?

Herr Barba: Long and late.

Dmitri Gheorgheni: I saw Milla's picture, it looked like a lonely road...she wanted me to talk to you about ghosts, have you had a lot of experience with them?

Herr Barba: Not really. I am afraid Milla overestimated a little, but I had some spooky moments as a boy.

Dmitri Gheorgheni: did you live in a city or the countryside? Where did you run into the ghosts?

Herr Barba: I lived in the country until I was 14 years old. Then we moved in to a flat in the town. My first ghostlike moment was in the country on the second floor in the then-workshop we had. I was alone there doing some mechanical work a summer afternoon around 71. Suddenly I heard a mumble behind my back like two person talking, sounded angry, scared me so my hair stood straight on my back. I moved out of the room with speed and my back against the sound. When I told my mother about it, she told me that my father also had heard talk in that room. Claiming she was trying to drive him nuts. I never saw any ghost.

Dmitri Gheorgheni: Wow, that would have scared me, too! That reminds me of a story Milla told us about ghosts talking in a laboratory. Swedish ghosts seem to be very talkative compared to US ghosts. Have you heard any others?

Herr Barba: No, never, just felt their presence.

Dmitri Gheorgheni: which one scared you the most?

Herr Barba: The one I just wrote about. The second story was not scary just annoying.
I was going home from a scout camp where my fiancé was (later my wife) and spent the night in her home. to save time I went to bed there to sleep. But just when I was dosing off, I was disturbed by a feeling of wrongness. This happened three times, then I went to sleep on the sofa in another room. Undisturbed. That ghost must have disliked me at least in their bed.

Dmitri Gheorgheni: I'd say it's better not to argue with ghosts!

Herr Barba: Agree.

Dmitri Gheorgheni: On the whole, what is your view of ghosts? Do you think they want something from us, or are just an irritating phenomenon we tend to talk about in October?

Herr Barba: I don't know, can't say if they want anything: sometimes they are scary, sometimes annoying and even protecting. But on the whole I see them as souls left behind, sometimes of free will, other times out of evil.

Dmitri Gheorgheni: Do you think you're in any danger when you run into these ghosts?

Herr Barba: I don't think they can harm us physically.

Dmitri Gheorgheni: that's a good thing, I think. Thank you for telling me your stories. You and Milla certainly have had interesting experiences!

Herr Barba: You are welcome; glad to have contributed something to H2G2!

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1Seven pm being 'afternoon' was a new concept. On reflection, that's just Sweden.

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