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2021HomepageScoreboard ListedUnlisted
2017HomepageScoreboardThe GroobListedUnlisted
2015HomepageScoreboardIcy NorthListedUnlisted
2014HomepageScoreboardBeatrice, coelacanth, OrcusListedUnlisted
2013HomepageScoreboardatinythorn, C Hawke, Spiller1ListedUnlisted
2012HomepageScoreboardC HawkeListedUnlisted
2010HomepageScoreboardThe GroobListedUnlisted
2009HomepageScoreboardDemon Drawer, Icy NorthListedUnlisted
2008HomepageScoreboardThe GroobListedUnlisted
2007HomepageScoreboardDai the DeathListed 
2006Homepage coelacanth, Demon Drawer, Mu Beta, The GroobListed 

Miscellaneous Links

Wikipedia  — List of deaths by year

Emmily’s duplicate thread from 2010

Deathlist and Condolances [sic] threads on Ask  (2014) be read alongside  Tony Benn - condolences thread  (2014)'s a serious business  (2007)

1Following a later review of unclaimed deaths, it was found that Peanut actually won the 2013 contest.

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