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This is the scoreboard for the '2020 Deathlist', which is run by Icy North. The game was created by Mu Beta.

Researcher nameJonesParsonsDouglasCarrFierroBlackmanGascoineLynnReinerde HavillandGinsbergRandiStilesConneryWindsor        Running total
Bluebottle  10  10 10 10    10        50
coelacanth15  15  15  10             55
Galaxy Babe          1515  10        40
Just Bob  10    10 10             30
logicus  10    10    15          35
minichessemouse                       0
MMF  10  10                 20
Mol        15    15         30
Pink Paisley                       0
TC 1510    10               35
The Groob    15                  15

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