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This is the scoreboard for the '2008 Deathlist Game', which was introduced to h2g2 and is run by Mu Beta (formerly known as Master B) and assisted by Emmily.

Click on the smiley - rose or use the Footnote in the chart to find out which notable person has died.

Namesmiley - rose1smiley - rose2smiley - rose3smiley - rose4smiley - rose5smiley - rose6smiley - rose7smiley - rose8smiley - rose9smiley - rose10smiley - rose11smiley - rose12smiley - rose13smiley - rose14smiley - rose15smiley - rose16smiley - rose17Total
Beatrice    15      1510    40
Clive the flying Ostrich
     10           10
Dai the Death        15 15      30
Demon Drawer     10           10
Emmily                1515
Galaxy Babe     1010          20
GreyDesk      10       10  20
Groob Roghan Josh15 15    20         50
Icy North                  
Magwitch              10  10
Mr. Dreadful   15             15
Mu Beta                   
Orcus            10    10
Pedro         15       15
Radox The Green                  
Reddyfreddy                15 15
Toy Box 15           15   30
1Gordon Hinckley2Archbishop Christodoulos3Phyllis Whitney4Gary Gygax5Lord Pym6Sir Arthur C Clarke7Charlton Heston8John Wheeler9Humphrey Lyttelton10Albert Hofmann11Cyd Charisse12Hua Guofeng13Reg Varney14Jorn Utzon15Harold Pinter16Eartha Kitt17Bernie Hamilton

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