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What Is It?

A fantasy football league, organised by Master B (or Mu Beta). We can accommodate up to 17 managers per season, who bid for players from real-life Premiership teams via a 'sealed bid' auction conducted by email. Players score points for goals, assists and clean sheets, as well as having them deducted for conceding goals and getting sent off. The full rules can be found here.

We have this silly name to avoid being confused with h2g2's senior Fantasy Football competition.

Can I Play?

Well, there's not actually any football happening right now, but if you fancy being a manager in Season 6, post below and I'll make sure you're included.

Who's Good at this Game?

Our Hall Of Fame...

1st PlacePoints2nd PlacePoints3rd PlacePoints
Season 1Number Six351Odo333GreyDesk310
Season 2me[Andy]g413Sprout372Number Six370
Season 3Sprout417Psycorp338GreyDesk326
Season 4Bubba-fretts427Sprout380Skankyrich363
Season 5JOINT: Otto Fisch363JOINT: Montague Trout363Nirvanite319
Season 6Now Underway

There have also been a Euro 2004 competition, which was narrowly squeaked by Egon1, and a Euro 2008 competition which was won by Bubba-fretts. Thanks to Alfredo Marquez for running both of these.

League Records

Team highest points total (Season)427Bubba-frettsSeason 4
Team highest points total (Week)50EgonSeason 6
Team lowest points total (Season)92MegacheddaSeason 5
Team lowest points total (Week)-13MegacheddaSeason 5
Player highest points total (Season)139Cristiano RonaldoSeason 5
Player highest points total (Week)20Frank Lampard
John-Arne Riise
Season 5
Season 2
Player lowest points total (Season)3-19Shay GivenSeason 5
Player lowest points total (Week)-10Richard DunneSeason 5
1Full aftermath in this thread.2This was not a 'joke' entry! He really tried to pick a proper team!3Not including points deducted for non-appearances.

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