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OK, Four years have passed since I last did this, and now I'm back to do it again - yes its the Euro 2008 version of Phantasy Phootball. Can Egon successfully defend his title, or can one of the many pretenders claim his crown. In just a few short weeks, we'll know the answer.

Goal (Striker)3
Goal (Midfielder)4
Goal (Defender)5
Goal (GK)10
Own Goal-2
Clean Sheet (GK)5
Clean Sheet (Defence)3
Each goal conceded after the first (GK and Defence)1-1
Red Card-3

If you have stumbled across this page by accident...

...A quick explanation might be in order. The teams below were bid for via closed auction - ie. the managers had no idea what price the League or other managers were valuing their chosen players at. Hence, this is a more accurate reflection of real life than your average Fantasy Football league.

Initial Bids

All the managers should know the rules by now, but just in case you've forgot, here's a quick reminder. All teams will be made up of a goalkeeper, four defenders, four midfielders and two strikers. You have £50m to get these players and you can't have more than three players from any one country.

Further Transfers

Any manager may bid for players at any time2 by sending an email naming the requisite player and your bidding price. The League, however, has the right to place a fixed minimum (reserve) price on any player. Once I've received your bid, I'll post the player but not the price to the forums below and give the rest of the league a short period (probably 24-36 hours) to bid.

You may offer players from the appropriate position instead of or in addition to whatever cash you may still hold, but the league will fix the price, depending on that player's original purchase price, and how many points they have scored.

All the players still eligible are listed on the pages linked below. If you're after a new player not on the list, let me know and I'll add them:

Goalkeepers | Defenders | Midfielders | Strikers

Players are free to make transfers among themselves at any time, fixing their own prices and so on. Every transfer must be confirmed by an email to the League Chair, otherwise I can't convert the page.

My email address is PPBids at googlemail dot com. For the sake of simplicity, please put Phantasy Phootball, or something similar, in the subject line.

Important: Make sure you subscribe to this page. Once the season is underway, all transfer announcements will also appear in threads on this page.


NB: The 'Total Points' column does not necessarily concur with the total points gained by that player in this competition. Instead it is the total points for that position which may have been filled by any number of players, according to the manager's penchant for transfers.

Big Fun
Manager: bubba-frettsDay's PointsTotal Points
GKGianluigi BuffonItaly10.1m08
DPhilipp LahmGermany4.2m012
DFabio GrossoItaly5.5m06
DGianluca ZambrottaItaly6.1m04
DCarles PuyolSpain4.2m39
MTorsten FringsGermany2.1m00
MYuri ZhirkovRussia2.0m06
MRafael van der VaartNetherlands1.0m02
MDavid SilvaSpain2.0m06
SFernando TorresSpain8.1m38
SLukas PodolskiGermany3.4m013
Cash Remaining£0.8m674
Paul Merson's elocution classes
Manager: Mu BetaDay's PointsTotal Points
GKStipe PletikosaCroatia2.7m010
DAlvaro ArbeloaSpain1.1m0-1
DGiorgio ChielliniItaly5.8m08
DJohnny HeitingaNetherlands3.0m03
MDarijo SrnaCroatia2.6m04
MHamit AltintopTurkey1.3m00
MWesley SneijderNetherlands3.2m014
MMauro CamoranesiItaly3.7m012
SAndrei ArshavinRussia6.8m08
SCristiano RonaldoPortugal9.3m09
Cash Remaining£0.0m064
Unreal Madrid
Manager: me[Andy]gDay's PointsTotal Points
GKJens LehmannGermany1.5m0-1
DJose BosingwaPortugal3.6m01
DChristian PanucciItaly5.1m09
DPer MertesackerGermany3.1m03
DJoan CapdevilaSpain3.2m311
MAndres IniestaSpain4.1m04
MLuka ModricCroatia3.1m06
MJoao MoutinhoPortugal3.1m02
SDavid VillaSpain6.4m012
SRuud van NistelrooyNetherlands5.1m06
Cash Remaining£0.0m359
Manager: Trout MontagueDay's PointsTotal Points
GKIker CasillasSpain8.3m515
DSergio RamosSpain8.1m39
DJoris MathijsenNetherlands1.0m02
DPaulo FerreiraPortugal1.3m01
DMarcell JansenGermany1.1m03
MGiovanni van BronckhorstNetherlands3.3m00
MBastian SchweinsteigerGermany5.8m011
MAndrea PirloItaly5.8m04
MXabi AlonsoSpain2.3m00
SMiroslav KloseGermany7.6m08
SKlass-Jan HuntelaarNetherlands1.1m03
Cash Remaining£0.0m856
Sporting Clube da Escuimentao Eterno
Manager: EgonDay's PointsTotal Points
DRicardo CarvalhoPortugal4.2m01
DChristoph MetzelderGermany2.5m03
DKhalid BoulahrouzNetherlands2.0m00
DMarco MaterazziItaly4.2m0-2
MCesc FabregasSpain5.5m010
MMichael BallackGermany4.0m010
MNiko KranjcarCroatia3.0m00
MSimone PerottaItaly3.0m00
SLuca ToniItaly5.0m03
SDirk KuytNetherlands5.4m06
Cash Remaining£0.0m030
Left back in the dressing room
Manager: SummerbayexileDay's PointsTotal Points
GKEdwin van der SarNetherlands7.6m05
DRobert KovacCroatia1.5m03
DTim de ClerNetherlands1.5m02
DAndre OoijerNetherlands3.0m03
DClemens FritzGermany4.5m05
MIvan RakiticCroatia2.0m00
MNiko KovacCroatia4.4m00
MIgor SemshovRussia2.1m00
MVladimir BystrovRussia3.4m00
SHelder PostigaPortugal7.0m03
SKazim KazimTurkey6.0m02
Cash Remaining£0.0m023
Sporting Bad Haircuts
Manager: Br MagwitchDay's PointsTotal Points
GKMario GalinovicCroatia3.0m03
DAleksandr AnyukovRussia4.0m03
DDario SimicCroatia4.0m03
DWilfred BoumaNetherlands3.5m0-1
MEmre BelozogluTurkey3.0m00
MRaul MeirelesPortugal3.0m00
MThomas HitzlspergerGermany3.5m02
SIvica OlicCroatia3.1m00
SRoman PavluchenkoRussia3.1m03
Cash Remaining£0.7m012
1When playing more than 45 minutes of the match.2Until the end of the group stage of the tournament

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