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Welcome to Phantasy Phootball, Season 4. At this rate we might actually look established. All the results and statistics from previous seasons can be accessed via our home page!

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Goal (Striker)3
Goal (Midfielder)4
Goal (Defender)5
Goal (GK)10
Own Goal-2
Clean Sheet (GK)5
Clean Sheet (Defence)3
Each goal conceded after the first (GK and Defence)1-1
Red Card-3

Further Rules (Read These Please!)

Any manager may bid for players at any time2 by sending an email naming the requisite player and your bidding price. The League, however, has the right to place a fixed minimum (reserve) price on any player. Once I've received your bid, I'll post the player and the price4 to the forums below and give the rest of the league a short period (probably until the next round of Premiership matches) to bid. There is no limit on when you can make transfers - our 'transfer window' is something a bit different to the one in real life (see below).

You may offer players from any position instead of or in addition to whatever cash you may still hold, but the League will fix the price of any players you offer. For example, there is no use offering Phil Neville in a direct swap for Andriy Shevchenko, because my spreadsheet will probably only calculate Neville's worth at about £0.5m, and this is way below the minimum I would accept for Shevchenko. Players' values will fluctuate depending on the price you paid for them and their performance to date.

To prevent fiddling in the transfer markets, I am limiting transfers to 11: strictly one per position. So any players you bring in after the start of the season will have to be stuck with until May.

All the players still eligible are listed on the pages linked below. If you're after a new player not on the list, let me know and I'll add them:

Goalkeepers | Defenders | Midfielders | Strikers

Players are free to make transfers among themselves at any time, fixing their own prices and terms. Every transfer must be confirmed by an email to the League Chair, otherwise I can't update this page. In order to encourage transfers among yourselves, these are unlimited, and will not count towards your 11 minimum5.

To prevent minus-point-dodging, any defenders or goalkeepers that miss 10 consecutive games for your team will docked points, and you will be asked to buy replacements. They will not count towards your 11 transfers.

The Phantasy Phootball transfer window opens on FA Cup weekend (the first in January). At this point, two of your players (randomly selected) will leave the team, and you will receive the market price for them. They do not count towards your 11 transfers.

My email address is ben dot bateson at gmail dot com. For the sake of simplicity, please put Phantasy Phootball, or something similar, in the subject line.

Important: Make sure you subscribe to this page. Once the season is underway, all transfer announcements will also appear in threads on this page.

The League

PosTeamManagerPointsWeekly Tops
1-Limited ResourcesBubba-fretts4277
2-Double TroubleSprout3804
3-Los ChampignonesSkankyrich3637
4-Organcheese AcademicalsMontague Trout3474
5↑2Sven Produces LossesDemon Drawer2735
6↓1Unreal MadridAndy G2713
7↓1Flibbles UnitedMegachedda2701
8-Athletico AardvarkMagwitch2572
9↑1Lord Rockingham's XIEgon2421
10↓1Real Losers United FCNirvanite2312
11-FC Ragazzi Della Torta6Psycorp2292
12-Slap Up My TeamMcKay1870
14-Toilet Rabbit AlbionTrin Tragula1111
15-Dickie Hart and the PacemakersSummerbayexile1070

Cup Winners: Andy G, Bubba-fretts

The Teams (in League Order)

Limited Resources
Manager: Bubba-frettsWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKPepe ReinaLIV8.7m088
DRicardo CarvalhoCHE6.0m065
DJohn TerryCHE10.5m353
DJamie CarragherLIV7.0m-154
DWilliam GallasARS4.0m050
MGareth BarryAV2.1m035
MLeon OsmanEVE3.5m218
MGilberto SilvaARS6.4m015
MAbdoulaye FayeBOL2.0m06
SGabriel AgbonlahorAV4.4m035
SAndrew ColePOR1.7m08
Cash Remaining£0m4427

Double Trouble
Manager: SproutWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKPetr CechCHE7.1m061
DKolo ToureARS5.1m345
DSol CampbellPOR2.1m032
DSteve FinnanLIV4.1m-154
DGary NevilleMU5.1m021
MKevin NolanBOL4.1m011
MNolberto SolanoNEW3.2m216
MStewart DowningMID3.2m026
MAlexandre HlebARS2.1m016
SThierry HenryARS15.1m040
SBenni McCarthyBLA3.1m658
Cash Remaining£11.1m10380

Los Champignones
Manager: SkankyrichWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKPaddy KennySU1.5m-16
DAndy GriffinPOR2.0m-21
DNemanja VidicMU2.0m050
DDan AggerLIV1.5m-157
MJavier MascheranoLIV3.0m012
MSteve SidwellREA1.5m035
MMichael CarrickMU8.1m020
MMorten Gamst PedersonBLA4.2m648
SWayne RooneyMU12.1m068
SRobbie KeaneTOT8.1m338
Cash Remaining£6.2m5363

Organcheese Academicals
Manager: Montague TroutWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKEdwin van der SarMU3.8m055
DAbdoulaye MeiteBOL3.0m-17
DPatrice EvraMU4.5m033
DPaolo FerreiraCHE4m319
DTalal El KarkouriCHA0.2m-116
MMathieu FlaminiARS3.5m08
MFrank LampardCHE4.7m068
MJohn-Arne RiiseLIV3.1m024
MKieron DyerNEW3.0m422
SDimitar BerbatovTOT5.0m1046
SNicolas AnelkaBOL5.0m249
Cash Remaining£0m17347

Sven Produces Losses
Manager: Demon DrawerWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKDavid JamesPOR3.2m546
DAlvaro ArbeloaLIV3.0m-133
DAshley ColeCHE3.6m029
DJohn O'SheaMU3.0m335
DPhillipe SenderosARS0.3m31
MPark Ji-SungMU3.2m020
MWayne RoutledgeFUL0.2m02
MMatt HollandCHA4.2m48
MDarren FletcherMU3.1m010
SDidier DrogbaCHE8.2m368
Cash Remaining£2.8m17273

Unreal Madrid
Manager: me[Andy]gWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKAntti NiemiFUL4.1m-216
DStephen WarnockBLA1.1m-212
DGael ClichyARS3.1m314
DAbel XavierMID0.6m0-10
DMatthew TaylorPOR1.5m048
MCristiano RonaldoMU8.1m0103
MThomas RosickyARS5.4m028
MBelozoglu EmreNEW2.0m08
MMichael EssienCHE3.0m012
SAndriy ShevchenkoCHE9.6m024
SHenri CamaraWIG2.4m016
Cash Remaining£0m-1271

Flibbles United
Manager: MegacheddaWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKTim HowardEVE5.0m061
DJonathan WoodgateMID3.0m24
DEmmanuel PogatetzMID1.7m08
DSami HyypiaLIV1.5m035
MDanny MurphyTOT1.0m010
MJermaine JenasTOT4.0m230
MSteven GerrardLIV11.0m042
MSteven DavisAV6.0m02
SLee Dong GookMID5.0m021
SAndy JohnsonEVE5.0m043
Cash Remaining£2.1m4270

Athletico Aardvark
Manager: MagwitchWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKThomas SorensonAV4.0m-152
DMicah RichardsMC2.0m021
DPascal ChimbondaTOT2.0m310
DRio FerdinandMU5.5m039
DLinvoy PrimusREA2.2m31
MJoey BartonMC4.0m014
MCesc FabregasARS7.0m032
MClaude MakaleleCHE7.0m04
MDietmar HamannMC4.0m22
SKevin DoyleREA3.5m330
Cash Remaining£0.8m10257

Lord Rockingham's XI
Manager: EgonWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKSteve HarperNEW1.5m037
DKhalid BoulahrouzCHE3.5m00
DGlen JohnsonPOR2.0m322
DFabio AurelioLIV2.0m019
DDavid UnsworthWIG1.0m58
MJulio ArcaMID1.5m010
MMikel ArtetaEVE2.5m064
MXabi AlonsoLIV5.0m418
MFreddie LjungbergARS4.4m00
SObafemi MartinsNEW5.0m038
SPeter CrouchLIV6.0m026
Cash Remaining£0m12242

Real Losers United FC
Manager: NirvaniteWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKJussi JaaskelainenBOL2.2m-132
DJoleon LescottEVE2.0m040
DLeighton BainesWIG2.0m016
DRichard DunneMC2.0m-125
DNicky HuntBOL2.5m013
MJames MilnerNEW4.0m024
MRyan GiggsMU9.0m024
MScott ParkerNEW5.0m014
MSteven ReidBLA5.0m00
SEmmanuel AdebayorARS3.507
SLouis SahaMU6.0m036
Cash Remaining£0m-2231

FC Ragazzi Della Torta
Manager: PsycorpWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKPaul RobinsonTOT5.0m522
DTal Ben HaimBOL2.9m-117
DSylvain DistinMC2.0m041
DRyan NelsenBLA1.2m-2-5
DMatt JacksonWIG1.2m015
MAaron LennonTOT4.0m026
MAntonio ValenciaWIG2.0m0-1
MPedro MendesPOR3.8m010
MGary SpeedBOL3.0m444
SEl-Hadji Diouf (Loan)BOL3.0m031
SBobby ZamoraWH5.0m229
Cash Remaining£0m8229

Slap Up My Team
Manager: McKay the DisorganisedWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKMark SchwarzerMID3.0m020
DLee Young-PyoTOT2.0m01
DJoseph YoboEVE2.5m040
DMartin LaursenAV2.0m-18
DZurab KhizanishviliBLA3.00-3
MShaun Wright-PhillipsCHE3.0m28
MIvan CampoBOL3.0m013
MTim CahillEVE4.0m024
MAntoine SibierskiNEW3.0m016
SJuan Pablo AngelAV3.0m014
SDirk KuytLIV6.0m246
Cash Remaining£6.2m3187

Manager: GreyDeskWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKJens LehmannARS13.4m043
DEmanuel EboueARS3.9m324
DGraeme MurtyREA1.9m010
DTitus BrambleNEW3.9m02
DNicky ShoreyREA1.6m-2-29
MMichael TongeSU1.6m010
MPhil JagielkaSU1.7m216
MMatt DerbyshireBLA1.4m420
MPhil NevilleEVE1.6m00
SMarlon HarewoodWH7.1m011
SJon SteadSU1.3m329
Cash Remaining£2.2m10136

Toilet Rabbit Albion
Manager: Trin TragulaWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKBrad FriedelBLA4.0m-218
DStephen CarrNEW1.0m07
DLiam RoseniorFUL2.0m-2-4
DLuke YoungCHA3.0m-212
DZat KnightFUL3.1m-23
MJoe ColeCHE8.0m00
MNigel Reo-CokerWH3.0m06
MJames HarperREA1.2m012
MSteed MalbranqueTOT2.2m010
SRobin van PersieARS8.0m047
Cash Remaining£0m-8111

Dickie Hart and the Pacemakers
Manager: SummerbayexileWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKShay GivenNEW2.9m06
DAnton FerdinandWH3.5m34
DBen ThatcherCHA2.2m1-4
DNoe PamarotPOR2.5m35
DLucas NeillWH3.0m315
MMichael BallackCHE6.5m017
MQuinton FortuneBOL4.0m00
MBoudewijn ZendenLIV4.5m02
MPaul ScholesMU5.0m023
SEmile HeskeyWIG4.9m012
SOle Gunnar SolksjaerMU5.4m027
Cash Remaining£0m10107

Goalkeepers | Defenders | Midfielders | Strikers

1When playing more than 45 minutes of the match.2Unless stated otherwise in a posting by the League Chair33Me!4Note: this is a new rule change, in order to encourage competitive bidding all season.5I live in hope: in three previous seasons, managers have not had the initiative to swap players amongst themselves.6"The Pie Boys".

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