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OK, first things first - the dozy title is to avoid confusion with GreyDesk's inestimable football competition. I stress once again, we are very much not in competition. I just fancied trying something a bit more ambitious, that's all.

Goal (Striker)3
Goal (Midfielder)4
Goal (Defender)5
Goal (GK)10
Own Goal-2
Clean Sheet (GK)5
Clean Sheet (Defence)3
Each goal conceded after the first (GK and Defence)1-1
Red Card-3

If you have stumbled across this page by accident...

...A quick explanation might be in order. The teams below (except for [andy]g and BlueBrasilian, who came late) were bid for via closed auction - ie. the managers had no idea what price the League or other managers were valuing their chosen players at. Hence, this is a more accurate reflection of real life than your average Fantasy Football league.

Further Transfers

Any manager may bid for players at any time2 by sending an email naming the requisite player and your bidding price. The League, however, has the right to place a fixed minimum (reserve) price on any player. Once I've received your bid, I'll post the player but not the price to the forums below and give the rest of the league a short period (probably until the next round of Premiership matches) to bid.

You may offer players from the appropriate position instead of or in addition to whatever cash you may still hold, but the league will fix the price, depending on that player's original purchase price, and how many points they have scored.

All the players still eligible are listed on the pages linked below. If you're after a new player not on the list, let me know and I'll add them:

Goalkeepers | Defenders | Midfielders | Strikers

Players are free to make transfers among themselves at any time, fixing their own prices and so on. Every transfer must be confirmed by an email to the League Chair, otherwise I can't convert the page.

My email address is ousgg at yahoo dot com. For the sake of simplicity, please put Phantasy Phootball, or something similar, in the subject line.

Important: Make sure you subscribe to this page. Once the season is underway, all transfer announcements will also appear in threads on this page.


NB: The 'Total Points' column does not necessarily concur with the total points gained by that player this season. Instead it is the total points for that position which may have been filled by any number of players, according to the manager's penchant for transfers.

Forbes Phillipson's Masters
Manager: Number SixWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKMark SchwarzerMID1.5m-432
DSteve FinnanLIV3.0m016
DGraham Le SauxSOU3.0m06
DJason DoddSOU1.0m018
MEyal BerkovicPOR3.0m226
MYouri DjorkaeffBOL2.0m047
MClaus JensenCHA0.6m024
MNolberto SolanoAV3.2m04
SThierry HenryARS19.0m3116
SKevin DaviesBOL3.0m035
Cash Remaining£4.5m1351
Players With Nice Names
Manager: OdoWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKCarlo CudiciniCHE2.0m562
DSami HyypiaLIV4.0m045
DZat KnightFUL3.5m034
DRadostin KishishevCHA2.5m017
DOlivier BernardNEW2.0m036
MLaurent RobertNEW6.0m037
MJun-ichi InamotoFUL2.5m00
MJoseph Desire-JobMID4.0m222
SOle Gunnar SolksjaerMU7.0m08
SWayne RooneyEVE10.0m235
Cash Remaining£10.6m9333
Apple Juice <huh>
Manager: GreyDeskWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKAntti NiemiSOU4.5m032
DIvan CampoBOL2.0m-133
DMatt HeathLEI0.7m-10
DTony HibbertEVE1.1m-41
DJohn TerryCHE7.0m337
MFrederick KanouteTOT2.6m012
MRobbie SavageBIR5.0m030
MDamian DuffCHE10.5m040
MSteed MalbranqueFUL3.0m254
SJames BeattieSOU9.0m051
SLuis Boa MorteFUL2.4m220
Cash Remaining£5.2m1310
Aimless Wanderers
Manager: Uncle HeavyWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKTim HowardMU9.0m549
DJohn O'SheaMU4.0m526
DJamie CarragherLIV1.0m031
DAlan StubbsEVE1.0m02
DDean RichardsTOT1.0m0-6
MPaul ScholesMU9.0m044
MDanny MurphyLIV1.5m028
MSylvain LegwinskiFUL2.0m08
SMichael OwenLIV4.0m336
SAlan ShearerNEW8.0m075
Cash Remaining£0m13307
The Ghost of Peter Reid FC
Manager: The Snockerty FriddleWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKThomas SorensonAV2.0m-123
DIgor BiscanLIV2.0m0-4
DPascal CyganARS1.0m019
DHerman HreidarssonCHA2.0m04
DMichael SvenssonSOU1.0m025
MRobert PiresARS7.0m078
MRoy KeaneMU2.0m016
MPaolo Di CanioCHA1.0m244
MKolo ToureARS5.0m010
SRuud van NistelrooyMU10.0m369
SJason EuellCHA2.0m323
Cash Remaining£10.8m7303
Hardly Athletic
Manager: Otto FishWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKJens LehmannARS5.0m070
DAshley ColeARS5.0m236
DJamie ClaphamBIR1.0m03
DMikael SilvestreMU4.0m326
DJ'Lloyd SamuelEVE1.0m-116
MKevin KilbaneEVE2.5m016
MHarry KewellLIV10.0m036
MRyan GiggsMU6.0m048
MFreddie LjungbergARS4.5m012
SCraig BellamyEVE4.0m022
SAdrian MutuCHE4.0m013
Cash Remaining£0m4298
The Brett Angell All-Star XI
Manager: EgonWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKShay GivenNEW2.5m044
DAlessandro PistoneEVE3.0m022
DWayne BridgeCHE3.0m353
DSol CampbellARS6.0m042
DSteve WatsonEVE1.2m-418
MJay Jay OkochaMC6.2m021
MKieron DyerNEW5.5m016
MJuan Sebastian VeronCHE4.8m06
MBarry FergusonBLA3.0m06
SHernan CrespoCHE6.7m034
SMark VidukaLEE4.8m034
Cash Remaining£0m-1296
The Istvan Kozma Superstars
Manager: Alfredo MarquezWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKJerzy DudekLIV2.7m017
DStephane HenchozLIV5.0m015
DKenny CunninghamBIR2.5m00
DMark FishCHA2.0m0-1
DGlen JohnsonCHE4.0m537
MBoudewijn ZendenMID3.5m433
MAlex RaeWOL1.5m06
MTrevor SinclairMC2.0m012
MFrank LampardCHE6.0m058
SJuan Pablo AngelAV6.0m047
SLouis SahaMU1.7m051
Cash Remaining£2.5m9275
Boothen Enders
Manager: Steve (It's just a horse)Week's PointsTotal Points
GKKasey KellerTOT3.0m57
DOlaf MellbergAV5.0m-139
DDavid UnsworthEVE2.0m-45
DGareth SouthgateMID3.0m021
DFrank QueudrueMID1.0m-420
MBruno CheyrouLIV4.0m04
MScott ParkerCHE3.0m018
MGary SpeedNEW4.5m016
SNicolas AnelkaMC10.0m565
SRobbie KeaneTOT5.0m350
Cash Remaining£0m4253
Professor Psyc's Administration Express
Manager: Psycorp603Week's PointsTotal Points
GKDean KielyCHA1.5m016
DGary NevilleMU3.0m351
DAndy O'BrienNEW3.0m09
DDanny MillsMID5.0m-41
DWilliam GallasCHE8.0m345
MLee BowyerNEW5.0m210
MAliou CisseBIR1.0m00
MGavin McCannAV0.5m0-1
MSteven GerrardLIV6.5m228
SJimmy-Floyd HasselbainkCHE6.5m042
SJames MilnerLEE1.5m028
Cash Remaining£1.2m6229
Odds and Ends
Manager: me[Andy]gWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKEdwin van der SarFUL1.5m529
DMatthew UpsonBIR4.0m09
DAaron HughesNEW1.5m016
DClaus LundekvamSOU1.1m07
DMario MelchiotCHE4.0m324
MGaizka MendietaMID2.1m018
MStephane DalmatTOT4.1m05
MMuzzy IzzetLEI3.0m022
MBrett EmertonBLA5.0m028
SMikael ForssellBLA4.0m042
SJose Antonio ReyesARS4.1m022
Cash Remaining£0m8222
The Blue Brazil
Manager: BlueBrasilianWeek's PointsTotal Points
GKNigel MartynEVE3.0m-418
DJoseph YoboEVE6.0m-47
DTitus BrambleNEW2.0m06
DJonathan WoodgateNEW3.0m04
DBruno N'GottyBOL2.0m-119
MThomas HitzlspergerAV3.5m016
MPatrick VieiraARS5.0m428
MJermaine PennantLEE3.0m012
MShaun Wright-PhillipsMC3.0m48
SDennis BergkampARS2.0m218
SYacubu AyegbiniPOR3.0m1441
Cash Remaining£0m15177
1When playing more than 45 minutes of the match.2Unless stated otherwise in a posting by the League Chair33Me!

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