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Posted: 14thNovember 2002


I don't believe it!

All those months in the wastelands not being able to add or update pages appear to have come to an end. With help from some wonderful Guru's and Jim Lynn my powers returned and I can fiddle with pages to my hearts content. Perhaps in the forthcoming Post-free zone you should check the archives out and see if you can spot the changes.

Talking of changes, the new version of h2g2 (DNA 1.2) debuts not long after we go to print. Although most of the changes will not be obvious to the everyday h2g2er, you may notice a new friends list appear and, most of all, you are bound to notice the changes in moderation - or lack of it. More details of these changes can be found at the h2g2 Announcements page and also the Peer Moderation Pilot Project page. To celebrate the occasion we have been lucky to enrol the services of an anonymous Moderator to answer all those questions you ever had about their role within h2g2. The wordsearch also draws on Moderation for its theme using those important-sounding words found at the FAQ page.

What else do we have for you this week? Wowbaggers newbie is struggling to make an important decision - but will he ever resolve it? The Egypt travelogue comes to an end as does Amy P's account of the Pennsylvania Dutch Meet. Abi enjoyed herself at the Oxford Meet and lets us in on the details and Woodpigeon ponders whether the earth moved for any of us recently.

In fact there are so many goodies this week that it would be kinder to stop rambling and let you get on! Just a couple of apologies and announcements before I go, however. Fans of Awix will be sad to hear that he has computer problems and is unable to provide an item this week. He promises to return with a review of the new Harry Potter film as soon as he is able. MaW is snowed under with work so Future Prefect is also on hold this week. The Post's annual Christmas competition this year focusses again on poetry. This was a very popular feature two years ago so do join in - you may even win.

Lastly, please remember that there is no edition next week. We will return on 28th November, just in time to really get into the build-up to the festive season.


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