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Sometimes it is very easy to get caught up in the daily jobs and meetings, and forget exactly what h2g2 is all about. It was with this in mind, that IanG decided that we should leave London and go to the Oxford meet. This would serve to remind me that h2g2 is all about people and give me a chance to nick some ideas for the Winter meet in January.

After having brunch at a local cafe-bar, we caught the coach to Oxford only to find the city in the grip of the wettest weather we have ever seen. Not knowing the city we feared the worst, but with Pastey's excellent, if somewhat unconventional, instructions we arrived at the King's Arms for a quick drink and to find out the plans for the rest of the day. There we met our fellow meet attendees - Pastey and his lovely wife, Anne, Tinkerbell, Peregrin, Das Mouldy Sandwich, Big Mad Mr T, Mongfish and VIP. We waited in vain for Uncle Heavy and wished Das Mouldy Sandwich well as he set out to hunt wedding dresses with his intended. While he hit the bridal shops, the rest of us rushed off to the Lazerquest venue to challenge the local kids. Anne turned out to be an expert having done a BA Hons in Archaeology and Lazerquest at Leicester University. She briefed us and while we failed to beat their Dad, I think it is fair to say the brats took a bit of a pasting!

Hot and sweaty from our exertions and joined by Whoami? who had escaped from a low security establishment for the afternoon, it was time to decamp to the Ice Cream Shop and tuck into mountains of ice-cream, aerosol cream and chocolate sprinkles. Unfortunately, with the rain still pouring down and customers queuing out the door we were quite damp by the time we got our hands on the goods. Then onto Coffee Republic for coffee, naturally. Pastey was still in the pub at this point, his religion forbidding him to set foot on unlicensed premises on a Saturday.

Saying goodbye to Whoami? and catching a swift drink in the Hobgoblin pub which involved the locals trying VIP's fairy wings on for size, it was time to go and stuff ourselves with pizza which all goes to prove that the best meals are eaten backwards. Then onto a pub, which on a Saturday night is no mean feat! It was still raining at this point and there was a need to find somewhere that would have room for several damp Researchers to take part in a pub quiz and a colouring competition1. The Turf Tavern was chosen as the venue as it had a courtyard covered with huge tarpaulins, huge roaring braziers to keep us warm and tables for the quiz. The quiz was won by Peregrin and Tinkerbell after it was judged that IanG and Big Mad Mr T had an unfair advantage with me on their team. With the AmyP colouring competition in full swing, it was time to go and catch the coach back home. On arrival in Shepherd's Bush I put my hands in my pocket to find a stowaway! Meetsheep had decided to hitch a life with me to the London Meet. He is currently enjoying a prime position in the Towers.

Thanks to everyone for a great meetup, to Tinkerbell for all her organisation and Pastey for being Pastey. Special scowls should be aimed at Uncle Heavy's direction for not showing up.


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