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Backhanded compliments from a forward person


A short but brief notice:

It has come to the attention of the material disturbution officers of Irritating Public Radio, Your Friends In The Air, that the donations 'in-kind'
from some of our sponsors have not been bolstering the facilitation
of paperwork in the sanitary comfort facilities (built of the finest marine plywood available
at the surplus yard and the finest reconditioned Restoration pipeware and porcelain clad pig iron).
In an amiable attempt to forestall a wholesale retreat from our workplace in the form of a self-induced RIF,
the board of defectors have decided that typing paper (of which we have a boatload and a half, some with century-old watermarks from half-century-old flooding) may be used until other supplies can be found. (Those who have been to certain parts of the continent might find the 'onion skin' sort of 'erasable' paper to their liking.)
In lieu of typing paper, all inter-office communications will now be soaped onto the appropriate recipient's vehicle's windscreens.
No chance of missing anything in the 'IN' box, now!
And since the typewriters (all antiquarian relics in their own right) will be out of action for the forseasonable future, they may now be used (with their repsective dust covers in place, of course) as under-desk foot rests for those who need such things and pencil holders (without the dust cover) for those who don't.
We hope that this conciliatory effort will even out any inconveniences or grievances that the affected personnel might have perceivanced.

In other news:

Due to a mixup down at the labour office, and a small contretemps with the writre's guidl, all our programming today will be tronslotted from scrtips written in wholy retho linguiges prior to having been read by our skilled and unguilded actours, mods, and narradiators. Thus, we warn vou that some things mite not just outcome way one suppose would.
Anyway, on with the snow!

Le Shed Jewel:

1. 3:57 PM
From the Short List of Short Authors of Short Books: 'Fishwive's Choice' by Echoate R Monstrancio! by Pepin the Shirt

2. 8:57 AM
Time, space and Y-fronts. by Monsignor Ignacio: Now with glazed fruit and free toy!

3. 12:57 PM

4. 3:57 PM
Which Came First, Reading or Writing? by Trillian's Tea Cozy

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