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This Week: Waste Disposal

This is a special CAC issue dealing with getting rid of waste, bodily or other. We're starting right into the, er..., matter with

North American Lavatories by Crispy

which apparently have some ugly surprise hidden in their workings.

Okay, this entry will be useful for only 50% of our readership because it deals with a device that is tailored to the male anatomy. Anyway, there's something to be learned for the female half of our readership too, and be it only the fact that males don't particularly need to sit down but sometimes would rather like to.

Urinals by The Big Black Mighty Who Sang But Not Too Loud

Oh, while we're at it... If your children don't listen to anything you say then try this warning: 'Stay away from the urinal cakes. You won't like their taste'.

This might teach them something.

Urinal Cakes by Holmesy

We're still in the bathroom. Or the kitchen. Or whichever room in your house you deem appropriate for getting rid of

Toenail Clippings by Researcher 42

This much for bodily waste disposal. Now for something not entirely different. Household waste, to be precise. Why should you get rid of any waste going the direct way? You might as well try it this way:

A Meal that can be devised from anything by Mim_NM

You might ask how on Earth this entry fits into the picture but, well, you'll see!

Student Fridges by Bomber

Oh, by the way, what's the oldest thing in your fridge?

Dear reader, you've now reached the official end of this CAC issue. It's the 'official' end because there's one entry left for an off-the-records feature. It's a somewhat delicate subject and the presentation might or (rather) might not meet everybody's sense of taste. However, h2g2 is the guide to, among others, everything, and the entry is on topic. Therefore, you're not encouraged to read it and only the most intrepid readers should consider clicking on to read about The Many Diverse Uses of Boogers by Freckles42
. You have been warned. Warranty Conditions apply.

Scouting the Guide for the good stuff, we'll continue to bring you CAC applauded entries in each issue of the h2g2POST.

And we hope you'll join us!

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