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The forty-seventh page of Past Issue links with a brief description of some, but by no means all,
the excellent articles featured.

  • 22.08.11

    24 Lies A Second has been going for 10 years, and 200 columns! Awix, we salute you. In the game of numbers, Bea looks forward to a 4-legged addition, Auburn Time Lord sums up Dr Who series 6, and team 8-legs Good needs your support!

  • 29.08.11

    Is it silly season? Dmitri discusses, while Willem offers some fantasy creatures, Awix reviews The Inbetweeners, and Bel goes exploring in the blogosphere.

  • 05.09.11

    A fanfare of trumpets for the winners of the Saving the Best till Last competition, and congratulations to Jordan, Greensleeves, Tavaron and Rod. Minorvogonpoet describes a distrubing dystopian future, while frannie sees echoes of Shakepeare in today's cities.

  • 12.09.11

    Awix climbs abourd Apollo 18, while Dmitri takes his bucket of popcorn to Hobo with a Shotgun. The Art Challenge produces some stunning pictures, while Willem's drawing of a group of meerkats is beautiful. And Prof imagines life as a pavement.

  • 19.09.11

    Did you know where the name fuchsia came from? Rev Jack has a run-in with the vicar, cactuscafe takes up the Art Challenge, and Awix gets to meet Mark Kermode.

  • 26.09.11

    We love Icy North's quizes - this one is on the new additions to the Oxford English Dictionary. Sprout has a very clever poem, and Merely a Number views the aftermath of a tornado.

  • 03.10.11

    Bel says goodbye as editor, as h2g2 waves farewell to the BBC. Phoenician Trader tries the fare at Wetherspoons, Galaxy Babe sees scary images in space, and Elektra reviews Mennonite in a Little Black Dress.

  • 10.10.11

    Please hold. Your call is important to us, and normal service will be resumed as soon as we find out what normal is anyway.

  • 17.10.11

    Bel gets on her bike, Tim Stevenson starts a new series, "Lost Transmissions", and Dmitri talks a lot of xenoglossophobia.

  • 24.10.11

    Solnushka investigates NaNoWriMo, Minorvogonpoet ponders poetry, and h5ringer wonders about a golden age.

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