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Posted: 19th September 2011

Definitely Not Panicking

Nope. We're not panicking at all. What we're doing, folks, is enjoying ourselves – h2g2ers all over the planet are getting out there and experiencing excitement, adventure, and really wild things.

Then they're coming back to tell us all about it. That's just the way we like it, thank you very much.

In this issue, you'll find out about a number of journeys: journeys on foot, journeys with donkeys, journeys with friends, journeys through muddy fields. Some journeys are physical, others are mental. Not Panicking, Ltd, may be worried about 'no Researcher left behind', but from where we're sitting, no Researcher ever leaves anybody behind. Even if they have to kidnap them.

Speaking of kidnapping, Dr Zen and friends would like to kidnap your reading time and get you to read the Booker Prize shortlist. Then you can discuss the works. The list looks pretty exciting, and Dr Zen has promised us an interim report next week.

Oh, and you're not panicking, either, right? Just because Bel went on a trip and left me minding the store. Nothing to worry about…the redecorators will be here tomorrow, and I'm sure Bel will like the new fuchsia1 wallpaper…The only thing you have to worry about is that I'm preparing next week's issue, too. You know what this means – get me copy, or else! Or else you have to read drivel. I might even review another movie. The Art Challenge is still open. See cactuscafe's brilliant contribution in this issue for inspiration.

Happy reading!

PS Okay, still not panicking. More like paranoia. I've spent the weekend trying to explain the Post's method of keeping its content a secret until publishing time – to the BBC. Apparently, nobody noticed those ducks before...Oh, Bel, why does this have to happen when you're gone? I'm hoping all the content will be back by this morning. If not, I appreciate your patience while I exchange sarcastic emails.

Dmitri Gheorgheni






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1Thanks to Malabarista and Icy North for the etymology of this fascinating word.

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