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Posted: 17th October 2011

Oh, brave new world, that hath such users in it

After a long and toilsome journey through the Sub Etha, we have arrived. Hey, folks, look around – h2g2's here, it's working, and it's yours.

What is this, exactly? In the words of our founder:

… a wholly remarkable book. –   The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

That's us. A wholly remarkable book. An ongoing, ever-growing compendium of comment on Life, the Universe, and Everything. The Earth Edition of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Write proudly.

The journey was spectacular. Not only did those carrier pigeons convey the coconuts filled with data from London to Denmark in record time, but the gurus and other expert-type boffins did the most amazingly, mind-bogglingly efficient and wonderful job of unpacking it and putting it in place that we're going to be congratulating them, like, for-evah. Their backs will be sore from being slapped.

And then there were the professionally naughty people who tested the moderation system. They exploited the opportunity shamelessly, posting horrifying bits of nastiness that would have had Auntie Beeb reaching for her smelling salts – and since Pastey the Magnificent reset the database, they think they got away with it, and nobody the wiser1.

Not so – Wikileaks has nothing on your intrepid reporters. We got the inside story, which you can read here. Nobody gets away with stuff on my watch. I have the tinfoil hat collection to prove it.

This is the first new issue after the transfer, and boy, have we got fun things for you to peruse. In addition to the above-mentioned scandal coverage, we are pleased to present a new columnist in our ranks. Please give Tim Stevenson's new feature Lost Transmissions a warm h2g2 welcome.

Not Panicking, Ltd, and all the volunteers invite you to explore, reacquaint yourselves with all the bugs…er, features, and above all contribute to this wholly remarkable Guide. Oh, and help them find Robbie Stamp. They seem to have misplaced him.

Dmitri Gheorgheni





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1We hope Pastey fixed the bit where 2legs added the name of a popular software company to the profanity filter, but if your next discussion of Windows runs into trouble, let us know.

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