Where Has Robbie Gone?

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Where Has Robbie Gone?

Robbie Stamp had just finished signing the contract for Not Panicking Ltd and was thinking it was a shame that smoking was no longer allowed inside public buildings, as he thought this was definitely a Cigar occasion.

Pastey and Dr Zen leaned across the table to shake hands with Nick Reynolds, the fellow from the BBC, and another Official looking bod who was probably from their Legal Department. Everyone was happy and excited.

Alyson and Brian Larholm were drawn forward, as they had moved back to allow the intimate moment to play-out. Robbie shook hands with everyone and turned to his friend, Sam Semple, and gave him a huge hug!

Suddenly, there was a loud F O O P! and Robbie disappeared!

"What was that?" asked the Official looking bod.

"Oh, Frap!!" said Sam.

Nick Reynolds turned to Sam asking, "Is this one of those surreal moments you keep telling me about?"

Looking a bit green, Sam replied "Yes, sir. And I think we should leave... PRONTO!"

Before anyone could move there was a deep rumble. The building shook and dust fell from the ceiling as a voice announced...

Electric Ball



"Yooooommons! We have come to inspect your Galaxy and we have taken your leader with us. If you want him back, you will have to come and find him... Alright turn off the mic, now..."

Electric Ball

"What was that all about? Where is Robbie?" asked Brian and Alyson in unison.

"Dunno!" said Nick Reynolds, as he grabbed the Official looking bod and the contract. Then pushing Sam Semple out of the door, he called back, "But it's your problem now!"

Dr Zen and Pastey looked at each other and said, also in unison, (probably because it was the closest union)...

"Never fear.

Our Community is near!

It might need a revamp.

With no-one left behind

Our Researchers will find

The Lost Robbie Stamp!"

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